RM Pharmaceuticals legit/fake anavar / oxandrolone

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by BigVinny, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. BigVinny

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    So I finally got my hands on some Anavar, but I am wondering if it is legit.

    I ran into an old acquaintance at the gym whom I went to college with and he's now part of local powerlifting group. I had been hesitant to get goods from online sources, so I was excited for the opportunity to ask him if he could get me some anavar or gear in general. He texted me a price list and assured me that all of the items were legit as his team uses them, as I said that anavar is commonly faked. As for his powerlifting group, they enter amateur competitions and are big and
    lift heavy.

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    When I got the bottle, I was surprised that it was so cheap for the amount: 100 tabs x 50mg each for $125. And also that it was from an UGL. I did a search and did not find too much information.

    I have posted a picture of the bottle. It says RM Pharma. They are circular pink tablets with no markings. I was thinking of splitting each tab into 4 and taking 12.5mg twice a day, and getting my labs tested at my doctor's within the first week for test, estradiol, dht, sbgh, and free-test. I figure that if DHT is elevated but estradiol remains in range, then I can at least narrow it down to anavar or winstrol, make an educated guess based on the effects. If estradiol is out of range, then obviously it's an aromatizing compound like dianebol.

    It is possible that most of the gear they use from this UGL gives them good results, but that this anavar is bunk/underdosed. It would be hard to ascertain when stacking different compounds, but I was going to run it standalone for 6 weeks.

    What do you guys think? And have you had experiences with this UGL?
  2. Blitz Comet

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    Packaging doesnt look bad. Only way to find out is taking it and seeing how you feel. Anavar is pretty easy to know if its legit after a couple weeks. Could be dbol too. Could also be vitamin D.
  3. ickyrica

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    Use Anavar as a compliment to test.
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  4. BigVinny

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    If I stacked it with anything else, I wouldn't be able to accurately attribute effects to the particular substance. But, I was already planning to try a standalone Anavar cycle at 25mgs/day. I've read that if it's legit, you will feel it and know even at that dosage. Increased strength and vascularity with no bloating.

    I figure if I gain a lot of water weight or look like I am puffy or retaining water, I can assume it's Dbol. If I have dry/achy joints, I can figure it's winstrol. If I get no effects, it's nothing. And I will also take a look at my DHT and E2 lab values after a week..

    FYI, the label looks and feels computer-printed, but I feel like any UGL could do that to look credible.
  5. ickyrica

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    Why not just spend 15 bucks and test it? No concern of test suppression?
  6. BigVinny

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    Where do I test it at? If it's that cheap I'll gladly do it. Test suppression is a concern but not while I'm on a 6-week cycle of Anavar, since it's synthetic DHT. I'll use nolvadex and aromasin post-cycle.
  7. Gundog

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    I'm a firm believer in "to each his own," but why suppress or shutdown your HPTA for that low of a dose just to see if it's legit? And if that is really dbol, you better have some good ai's on hand for when it starts aromatizing through the roof and you start to get a nice pert rack..
  8. ickyrica

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    Labmax is a testing protocol but there are varying thoughts on the validity of the tests.
  9. BigVinny

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  10. BigVinny

    BigVinny Junior Member

    I actually think with legit Anavar I would have substantial results with 25mg daily. I've read that physicians that have legit pharmaceutical oxandrin get massive results with 10-20mg. Also, I'm 5"10 and 165 lbs. Definitely good call on the gyno prevention in case it's dbol..
  11. ickyrica

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  12. Blitz Comet

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    It could also be half a milligram in the vial and test positive fuck labmax lol.
  13. ickyrica

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    I've read a lot of things like that. Seems like the kit is a measure to see substance, not amount or purity, correct?

    FWIW OP, i'd get 2/3 bottles of test E/C and use the var as a kickstart or a strong ending to the test. You could send it to Simec as well if you are hell bent on getting a test done. Cost you a little more and takes a bit more time but it would be a thorough test.
  14. BigVinny

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    Sigh.... Just ordered 2 labmax uv test kits. The most important thing is that I'll know I'm taking Anavar and not winstrol or dianebol, even if underdosed - I can just up the dose if needed. But I probably should have just ordered oxandrolanos from pharmacon... Which I still may, pending the labmax tests. I will post results.

    Also, a straight Test cycle is cool but I wanted to try a quick cycle with a non-aromatizing and non-pinning steroid for convenience and quick recovery. But with all this legitimacy concern as well as impact on the liver/lipids, a Test cycle with hcg, serm, and AI may be the best thing after all.

    Do you guys know where to get legit pct? I have some nolvadex on hand but would like to get some legit aromasin as well.
  15. Gigem46

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    Just check steroid underground. There's a few pharmacist places that sell all that stuff with plenty of feedback.
  16. Blitz Comet

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    Personally i have a reliable source ATM so i dont need to test anything lol. But yeah labmax only tells you if there is any of the compound in what your testing no matter the amount.
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  17. Apexvallen

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    Why would anyone ever take an oral without injecting test? Such a bad stupid idea.
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  18. BigVinny

    BigVinny Junior Member

    Plenty have done standalone var with great results since it is non-aromatizing.
  19. Savagesteve

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    Yeah if you have a fucking vagina. Oral only cycles are retarded and should be taken with test as they will shut down your natty production. Don't give advice when you know absolutely shit.
  20. Blitz Comet

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    Oral only cycles are like fucking a girl and not cumming.