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    So as some know I blew my knee out a little over a month ago, the MRI results were not good and there is a lot of things screwed up with my body right now too because of the fall. Ontop of that I had a scare with a tumour that turned out to be gyno (gyno wasn’t my first thought because I haven’t done anything in 2 years to cause gyno so it was weird that a lump showed up and was growing.

    So waiting to get surgery for my chest about a year away hopefully (Canada medical woot). Also just went over options for my knee and I’m going to end up living with only a partial MCL and PCL as the surgery is more then I want to go through at my age and I’m hoping I can stabilize the knee again in time with rehab.

    So I’ll make occasional posts on here just saying hi might be a goal tossed in here and there. Milestones in the recovery I’ll talk about too and if I get a new treatment of any kind I’ll fill ya in.

    So far 6 weeks post accident I’ve done:
    Chiropractic for my body as it’s banged up bad
    Started Physio yesterday for the first time actually working on retraining my leg how to bend.
    Massage therapy
    Ultrasound therapy for blood flow to my miniscus and ligaments
    Stim therapy to make the muscles in the leg fire as I don’t have control of them right now.

    Currently I’m weight bearing so long as I’m in an immobilization brace, I walk with a limp and cane. I can’t straighten my leg fully or it dislocates and I can’t bend it past 90 degrees or else my petella dislocates (I physically can’t bend to 90 without using my hands to bend my leg though so not a big issue yet)

    The only reason I am documenting this is because I can look back and see what my goals were and it makes me accountable to follow through. There will be limitations post recovery, I’ll live the rest of my life in a fancy knee brace, I probably won’t ever be able to ski to the level I once was and I’ll never be able to Olympic lift the same. But I do plan to squat again because I refuse to be that guy in the gym that doesn’t squat because of his “knee problems” but it will either be a squat in wraps or with the brace overtop of tight tight knee sleeves and I’ll never see a new PR for squats so I’m now looking at it like I’ve never squatted before so anything I do squat is a new PR post accident.

    Any questions feel free.
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    How did you jack up your knee? Did someone drop your ass while on belay or was it a skiing incident? Sounds pretty horrible brother, but this stuff happens all the time to athletes and they bounce back. It's going to be a mental fight as much as physical. Keep us in the loop!
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    Fell off of a cliff with only one ski on and tried to land but didn’t so I took a 200 foot tumble with one ski on till I finally reached the end of the slide with an assist from some trees to help slow me down
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    Wish you well! Youre one of the good posters on this board. You(and Perrin) helped me with my deadlift last april, by jan. I was pulling 580x2. Unfortunately I f'ed up my left sacroiliac joint. Im getting a shot in it next wk. I think Ive got olditis!
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    Get better ASAP RT!!!
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  6. I wish you well bro and a speedy recovery. Keep your head up!!
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    Heal up dude, do what ya can!
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    Almost can do a full rotation while pedaling a bike, can walk without a cane as long as I’m in the brace. Benched a silky 295 @172lb BW. Will be in the new bionic brace as of Tuesday so hoping by the end of next week I can pedal a stationary bike and ride my motorcycle (I need to feel speed again).
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    I’m bioanic now and this will be the style of brace I’ll wear for the rest of my life until technology is good enough to build me a new knee. Bought a road bike too so gonna get into that as I now can do a full pedal rotation, I can’t get read with any measurable force so it’ll be a few weeks yet till I’m riding the bike but those are the big things happening for me right now. Bench is moving good still and I do 150-200 pull ups a day now in sets of 20 so that’s going good. Been really busy lately fighting for medical coverage and disability but it’s all sorted now so gonna have more time to focus on the fitness side of things. I’m going to be writing programs all week for myself our boy insayan and a couple people on my powerlifting team. Keep grinding y’all
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    Curious what the brace cost you?
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    Ma homie! Glad things are heading in the right direction bro!

    Duuuuude my girlfriend and I went to view an apartment yesterday in the next town over which we are hoping to get, of course right after that we went to check out the gym in the area and it is fuckin unreal.

    3 deadlift/oly platforms, I think I counted like 10 potential squatting stations, not including the oly squat stand things.

    Full set of hammer strength machines it looks like. They have an outdoor yard with Matt for lifting outside, tractor tires, looks like they have a few specialty bars and stuff.

    I very well could soon be going to an actual legit gym haha.

    Didn't mean to derail the thread but had to share the potentially good news.
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    It cost WCB 3500 total including all the extra under sleeves and J-braces in 3 different sizes. I get lifetime replacement for malfunction or break due to accident or crash and they will remake me up to 4 different sized exo braces. Not cheap but it’s the difference of me limping for the rest of my life or being able to walk and rehab.

    Bro you couldn’t derail it if you tried you and your girls good news is great news to me too I can program more for you too and I’m sure your girl will benefit too. What’s the commute like for work?
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    Hell yeah, really hoping we get this place. Honestly though after seeing that gym I am going to keep looking in that town exclusively haha.

    Commute ain't bad, bout a 25-30 minute drive.
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    without mine lower body is not an option. 20180418_173421.jpg
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    It’s beautiful :oops:.

    I appreciate a good looking brace now walking around. Also thank you man gives me hope to get a meaty leg back
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    All in time man. You're effort level rivals any member on here. The size will come. Healing correctly is huge, rehab is huge. Size and strength will be a "side effect" from the rehab and effort.
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    Just a quick check in, went for a outside bike ride on a flat gravel path I lasted for about 15 mins in the lowest gear possible but still can’t apply downward pressure with the left leg while pedalling so it basically just comes for the ride and weighs me down lol. I think hiked about 10 mins total I heard someone yelling help and just had to go make fun of them so that’s what I did (and helped secure his broken leg to my bike and pushed his fat unhealthy ass out the bush with every person I saw).

    I’m able to do minimum of 30 strict pull ups every first set and do 200 pull ups every back workout easy. Bench press is doing alright still can’t manage to work any leg drive into it but hit a clean 295 without leg drive so I’m sure once it’s back I might see three biscuits again.

    I’ve been only eating one meal a day 150g protein minimum otherwise I’m not tracking anything cause I’m happily maintaining at 173-175 and kinda feel like I’m recomping a bit.

    Also very premature but I’m thinking I may cycle again in September so my muscles are ready for the next ski season as the atrophy is unreal but I have to wait until I know the knee will be solid can’t risk overgrowing the ligaments.
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    Well I’m riding a road bike now to the gym and back, should only take 10 mins but I can’t really apply much pressure to the pedal on my left leg so basically pedalling with my right leg only and left legs there for the ride so it takes me about 25mins each way but I’m incredibly happy with this and just enjoy working up a sweat outside once again. Took up the ol devils lettuce instead of Percocets for pain as they were giving me some next level depression and basically ruined everything else that was going good in my life still. I’ve changed from regular bench to dumbbell for more chest activation.

    I’m in Physio 5 days a week 3 hours a day then I go to the gym for an hour of working out fast pace then I stretch for an hour to 90 mins while I coach a few people on my team. Diet has been one meal a day anything I want just making sure I get around 150g protein in the meal, I like the diet it gives me great mind clearity and I can eat anything I want and have abs. Is it ideal for performance probably not but right now I’m looking to just recover from this injury and get some life enjoyment so it’s working.

    Also started taking ginkgo biloba with ginsing pendex and for me I definitely notice a spike in mental alter ness and focus. Also combined with sativa I become very creatively intelligent which is something I’ve never been so that’s cool I’ve invented something for the fitness world while doing it and currently speaking with patent lawyers and doing testing with athletes with great results so that’s cool hopefully make millions one day with it.

    Anyways that’s all I got for this update keep grinding y’all
  19. Keep up the good work and hope you recover soon. I recently took up the “devils lettuce” myself lol more for stress relief tho
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    Saw the surgeon today for a follow up and didn’t have great news he doesn’t think I can rehab him the knee anymore with Physio alone and he said I should be happy if I get back to being able to do body weight exercises but he doubts I’ll ever push weight again with it and he said skiing probably will never be the same again as he doesn’t think I’ll be able to control that leg without the support of my other leg so maybe I’ll only be able to snowboard from here on out. I snowboarded for 20 years too so not a huge huge deal but I’ve got about 15 grand in skis and ski gear so ya know that would suck if I can’t use that anymore and I’m not someone that can sell things like that