Rogaine doesn't work, what to do now?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by skinny and depressed, Feb 10, 2007.

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    skinny and depressed

    skinny and depressed Junior Member

    I'm really fed up with this stuff. I have been using it for 1 year now. I applied it 2 times daily to the temple area where I am losing hair and it does zilch! No new hair! And I think it doesn't even prevent me from losing more hair. When I comb myself I lose a lot of hair but it's rather a general hair loss. I lose hair from my whole head but the strange thing is that I don't see it. The hair is pretty dense and only at the temples you can see a redeecing hairline.
    But what Rogaine did for me is give me annoying fine hair next to the eyebrows and also on the cheeks! :mad:
    What can I do now? Shall I stop taking Rogaine and switch to finasteride? But I'm also concerned that getting off Rogaine might make the hairloss worse. :(
    Does it make sense to simply get on Finasteride? But my dermatologist told me that finasteride doesn't help against early stage hairloss and receeding hairlines it only helps against hairloss at the back of the head. :confused:
    Losing my hair makes me depressive. I never thought this would happen to me. It's so ridiculous. The last thing I had expected with my low T levels is to lose hair. Ronnie Coleman most likely has more T than a horse in his system and he still has all his hair and I have as much T as a male guinea pig and I am losing hair. :rolleyes:
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    eeso Junior Member

    Ronnie coleman has a shaved head? I always thought he was totally bald.

    Are u on TRT or any other medications?

    I would be wary of using finasteride - I've used it before without much success, but a lot of people blame it for ongoing sexual problems even long after they've stopped using it.
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    bigjimcalhoun Junior Member

    First of all, I would caution against finasteride. I used with when it first became available back in 1997/1998. It could be there reason I have low T today.

    I started losing my hair with I was in my late teens. I never had thick hair growing up and I kept losing it slowly. I tried Rogaine and Finasteride. Finally, in 2001, my hair was so bad that I started trimming it like a crew cut. I now have my wife cut it to skin with the clippers every two weeks. I am nearly bald from the front to the back, but not on the sides and I need to do this as I do not want my head to look like a circumcised penis. I have finally become comfortable with my hair loss at 37 years old.
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    skinny and depressed

    skinny and depressed Junior Member

    That's not good.
    No, I'm not on TRT. On TRT it would most likely become worse.... :(

    Coleman shaves his head but he's not bald! I have seen recent pics of him where he grew some hair and he looked like 20! :eek:
    Amazing genes. This guy is really lucky.
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    JohnTree Junior Member

    I think rogaine is said to only work on the back of the head according to product literature. But it works all over for some. Dr. Lee makes more powerful stuff that may be worth a try. I've used his stuff for years and am doing ok.
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    novicebb Member

    Actually there are now pics of him with full hair. I have seen some in Muscular Development magazine
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    novicebb Member

    First off Rogain isn't designed to stop hairloss in the temporal or front areas of the head. Look at the box. It is only suppose to technically work on the back portions of the head or Vertex. For Rogaine to be effective on the frontal areas of the head you need to use it with Retinol A to remove some of those top layers of the dermis in the scalp to allow Minoxidil to penetrate deeper and become more effective. Also you need an anti-inflammatory/DHT inhibitor to help stop the shedding and inflammation of the scalp and to help grow hair follicles further when using Minoxidil.
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    novicebb Member

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