ROIDBAZAAR.COM >>> 35% OFF SALE !! Special introduction promo ONLY for MESO !!

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  1. RoidBazaar

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    Hi Everyone,

    we place a unique introductory promo here ONLY for MESO !!

    ROIDBAZAAR.COM >>> 35% OFF on all products !!

    With Promo-Code “Meso35” you get our highest 35% DISCOUNT on all products !!

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    Enjoy this PROMO, Enjoy the PRODUCTS … Thank us with an honest review.

    ROIDBAZAAR.COM - your trustful Source !!
  2. CdnGuy

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    Well fuck me.. aren't we just a lucky bunch at Meso! o_O
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  3. RoidBazaar

    RoidBazaar Junior Member

    Haha ...

    but be sure we will really do our best to convince you that we are a trustful source and a good member here at MESO, Bro.

    Promo is a small welcome ...

    Cheers ;)
  4. Dizzy

    Dizzy Member Supporter

    image.jpeg Roidbazaar sounds so gimmicky
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  5. RoidBazaar

    RoidBazaar Junior Member

    Bro, then just have a look ... and see ;) C ya
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  6. LA_1988

    LA_1988 Member Supporter

    Shit, hold on.. grabbing my popcorn.. this is gonna be good.
  7. Blitz Comet

    Blitz Comet Member Supporter

    Holy shit just for us???? I need to go get a loan.
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  8. skofan

    skofan Member Supporter

    so, you're a trustworthy reseller of a UG that cant dose correctly, and puts the wrong contents in vials, and 2 labs with no independant analytical testing?
    you also apparently either didnt bother to learn anything about meso before you arrived, or chose to ignore everything.
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  9. RoidBazaar

    RoidBazaar Junior Member

    Thanks for this reply at the very beginning ...

    gives me the chance to answer:

    We do regular tests of all our products at SİMEC Switzerland, a professional independent laboratory.

    If anything isn't dosed correctly, we take the whole lot out. If still, you might have any inconvenience with any product of ours, we will immediately send you a replacement product free of charge.

    If anyone doesn't want to use high quality UG Lab products ... we also have many genuine original pharmaceutical products from OE Manufacturers as Lilly, Pfizer, Schering etc. to satisfy all needs.

    We are here to convince you about the high quality of our products and service.

    A safe use and high quality is our No.1 Priority.
  10. Jayms

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    Come on guys , I want it to be more fun :)
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  11. Blitz Comet

    Blitz Comet Member Supporter

    Maybe they will send some samples to anabolic lab lol ;)
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  12. RoidBazaar

    RoidBazaar Junior Member

    me too :)

    but of course ... when it get's to quality we have to be serious

    Thanks , Bro
  13. skofan

    skofan Member Supporter

    you should probably send your entire gen shi lineup to simec then. there's a huge fucking difference between 100mg of test prop, and 200mg of test enanthate. that not a screw up, thats intentional.
    once a ugl has fucked up that hard, everyone should stay the fuck away from them forever, and since you are officially affiliated with them, you are guilty by association, and equally trustworthy.
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  14. I will kindly pass
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  15. Whoremoans

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    This should be interesting lol. Pack up your fake pharma and kindly fuck off sir.
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  16. JJ408G

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    This sounds like a deal .I can't wait to give you my hard earned money.
  17. Michael7

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  18. Blitz Comet

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  19. wedorecover

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    Pop corn ready
  20. ebkallday

    ebkallday Member Supporter

    You are here to convince us?? Of what? The claims in your post I quoted? I say you are full of Shit bud!! First off you can go ahead and post credible proof of your testing with SIMEC let's start there. But regardless of the testing or what the hell ever... I thought I should inform you that this is NOT a source board and sources that ARE here are wronfully exploiting free member status. I also would like to inform you that Meso has the largest UGL graveyard in board history. Most of them were put in the ground by our respectable members. You will not receive a warm welcome here and I feel compelled to tell you to go Fuck off somewhere else and to have a good day sir!
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