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    Dear Meso-Rx Members,
    I represent a new store called RoidForSale and I am happy to announce this to you

    You can find our store at

    About US
    • We are the company that provides bodybuilders the best products on the market. We also work with reliable manufacturers to provide you with the best products.
    • We have a dedicated team of professionals that includes quality control specialists and market researchers to ensure that we source only the highest quality supplements.
    • We are aware of the importance of data security. We design our systems with your security and privacy in mind. We also work to protect the security of your personal information.
    About Us FAQ
    Who is RoidForSale?
    RoidForSale is steroids seller that can provide the best products on the market. Our vision is to establish a reputation for contributing to raising the quality of life for sports enthusiasts and those who enjoy an active lifestyle.
    Is it safe to buy steroids on RoidForSale?
    You don’t need to worry about it. We protect the security of your information by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information you share with us. All personal data is protected with multiple layers of security.
    How do I contact RoidForSale about my questions?
    Sign in to your Account and go to Submit Ticket > Other Support. Find the order number you need to contact us about. After selecting your order subject and massage, submit ticket by clicking on button “Create Ticket”.If we have missed any questions or answers, please feel free to contact us!
    Payment And Shipping
    • All payment methods are safe and easy to use. At the moment, we accept Bitcoin, Western Union and MoneyGram
    • All instructions about the payment you will find in the checkout process. We send instructions and payment information to customers' e-mail.
    • All personal data is protected with multiple layers of security. We use 256 bit SSL technology to encrypt your data.
    • We have a live steroid stock for sale. The orders are shipped in 1-2 business days after the payment is confirmed.
    • We provide a maximum discreet shipping guarantee. Nobody knows that you buy steroids from us.
    • We guarantee that we will reship if the package is lost during transport or does not arrive at you.
    We have two shipping options; Standard: $20.00, Express: $70.00.
    Info: The products will be sent in tightly wrapped envelopes. If the package weight is over 500 gr., we use automatically an extra envelope for safe shipping and customs passing.

    Thank you for your attention, If we have missed any questions or answers, please feel free to ask any questions!

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  3. little

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    That’s not USA domestic pal
  4. little

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    Aaaand no live links allowed
  5. Human_backhoe

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    It's not Friday.

    Have you done any research at all before coming here?

    Where is your lab testing?

    Price list?

    Lab pictures?

    Photos of your stock with meso and the date written on in?

    A picture of your own wife's tits?

    Not a good start. I could go on and on but this one won't last long....
  6. RoidForSale

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    I fixed it
  7. Sp2.0

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    Another shitty intro lacking any of the required info. Back to back clown shows.
  8. Human_backhoe

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    You have 10 mins to do your research and give us needy fucks what we want. Otherwise we start slinging shit all over. This thread will be a dumpster fire by noon.

    If you can't even get the day of the week right to post a intro here, how can we trust you gear is clean.

    How about you start with independent HPLC testing for all your products and raws.
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    RoidForSale is the best place where you can buy steroids online in the USA. I would like you to look at our site
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    Why in hell would I want to register at your site, regardless of SSL bullshit? What do you do with the information given from those that register on your site?
  11. RoidForSale

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    Don't panic, man. I am sharing a real picture of xeno labs products. Also, wait, I will prepare and share products with your name on it. By this you will see that we are not fake

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    Your prices are absolutely horrible. $65 for test c 200 , $85 for Deca 200. Yeah fuck that.
  13. little

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    oh I looked at your site, and your not the only place to buy steroids online in the USA :rolleyes: your not special. There’s are several sites HERE, who do the exact same thing

    you have overpriced, non tested gh and gear aaaaand it has to go through customs and you out right explained your stealth o_Oo_O

    You came very unprepared

    we wanna see proof of stock with a crumpled paper that says meso and your handle on it with the date. And tits, your wife’s, sisters.
  14. Rival

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    that’s not how we do pictures around here, those look like stock images with your background inserted. Post full stock with crumpled paper & meso written on it with the date.

    also 70$ for domestic shipping? What the fuck are you smoking. Your website blows
  15. little

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    He says “domestic” but there’s nothing domestic about it it’s int
  16. Bye Felicia
  17. Sp2.0

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    Members don't panic when lazy failed attempted sources show up here. You're intro was trash and you posting garbage stock pics further shows your laziness and lack of desire to succeed here. The rate your going this will be a big momma thread by the end of the day.
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    We never use stock photos. We took pictures for you to prove this. I hope this photo clears all your doubts in your head. In addition, review videos of most products on our site are available under the products.

    Thank you for your attention.

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  19. jbil75

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    $110 for tren E lol. Who in the fuck would pay that?
  20. Human_backhoe

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    Now we are starting to get somewhere. What about HPLC testing? What about credit for HPLC testing? Credit for bloodwork?

    Edit: I have more gear than that in my kitchen cupboard lol
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