Romwod or movement vault?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by AnTabolic73, Nov 4, 2018.

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    Anyone ever heard of these online mobility services? Romwod seems to be static stretching progression movement vault is similar but includes myofascial release techniques.

    $10 and $13 a month.

    Movement vault has assessment videos to help you figure out what should be your focus. Both offer 7 day trial.

  2. AnTabolic73

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    I signed up for movement vault. And so far I like what I see. Everyday you focus on a particular part(hips, lower back, ankle, shoulder, thoracic spine...) twice a week theres a flow video, that hits multiple parts or the whole body.

    A little bit of release work with lacrosse balls or foam roller. And it's a contraction type stretch. Not just holding a stretch for a while. You're moving into stretches and contracting certain muscles. I'm gonna give it a shot for a month and see how I feel after that. Rom wod just seems like yoga. Not that it wouldn't work.
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    At the risk of sounding like a soyboy, yoga is actually fantastic for loosening up tight muscles if you ignore all of the pseudo-philosophical soccer mom bullshit and just do the stretching.
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  4. I’ll tell you what. I do yoga twice a week and ever since I’ve started my sciatica is a hell of a lot better, mobility just in general especially when doing SLDL my ROM has increased quite a bit. Shit you don’t sound like a soyboy at all for people like us with this lifestyle and training the way we do yoga is a perfect compliment to and training/recovery program in my opinion.
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    I'll give romwod a try after movement vault. Anything to increase mobility.
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    I can do RDLs right to the floor and do Pendlay rows properly without destroying my hamstrings thanks to starting yoga. Front squat depth and form are much better, too.

    It's also quite relaxing.
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  7. Front squats still just aren’t a comfortable movement for me. I’ve tried them quite a few times and I just don’t like them.

    & I couldn’t agree more it’s one of my favorite forms of meditation I utilize weekly.
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    Wheres the discomfort?