Ronnie Coleman regrets?

Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Forum' started by rutman, Feb 9, 2016.

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    Now that man is a fucking inspiration, best to ever do it. Mind you, I'm not even that into bodybuilding, I'm more into just living heavy ass weight, but that's why I love big ron, he was all about lifting heavy ass weight.
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    Love that line about the 4 reps. Im gonna knock out a few extra tonight.
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    Thats some real talk from a true winner. A real class act champion right their. He nott only had respect from the BBing community, he had just as much from the PLing community as well. He is one of the biggest an strongest BBs that will ever walk the face of the earth. My hats always been off to him...(That is if I ever wore a hat lol)....
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    Well said, you would be hard pressed to find someone with a negative view on Ronnie, and for the sake of your statement we'll just make believe you wear a hat hahahH
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    The mindset and heart of a champion. A true legend in bodybuilding.
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  10. Remember that quote when you dont think you have another rep left . He wishes he would have done those 2 last reps when he had it goin on .
    I"ll remember that one ...:cool:
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    dam it was litterally from just working hard. WTF? but he is a beast.
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    nothin but a peanut
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    I had no idea Ronnie has had so many surgeries. This one was at least his 7th since he retired from pro bbing. He discusses some of his 6 other surgeries in this instagram post from July 2, 2015:

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    I was just thinking I was a little worn down today from work and was contemplating leaving the gym a little early... until I read those Ronnie quotes.

    I think I'll stay later now.

    Ron is a true beast.
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    I still go on YouTube and watch Ronnie's training sessions. The guy def trains old school....and that's what I relate to. I started in a gym they was grungy like the Metroplex. LOUD music....plates banging...hardcore guys that lifted heavy ass weight. Coleman was def in a lane of his own on and off the stage. When he turned around...its was game over! Nobody had the thickness like he had.
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    Idk why I'm just now seeing this but yeah bro they have awesome clothing. I always see them on Facebook and I love their stuff, but it's pricey and I just can't spend 20-30 dollars on a single piece of attire hahah
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    Powerful stuff!
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    Those are great Ronnie quotes but my favorite has to be this one:

    "I learned a very valuable and easy lesson: Never donate sperm," Coleman said. "A lot of women asked me to donate sperm. I turned them all down except for one."

    Source: Appeals court rules Arlington sperm donor doesn't owe child support
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    This guy was and still a monster. Is not just having the genetic given by God, is also having the guts.

    The best one, hope he recovers soon.