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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by ematts22, Jun 24, 2012.

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    ematts22 Junior Member

    Wondering what people thoughts on there test prop are and whether they are reliable
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    Sworder Member

    It's good, the vials are always closer to 9ml than 10ml. This is often the case with companies but have found it at a greater consistency with Roxi. Their vials are so tiny i think 10ml is filling it all the way up. Gear is good though and so is their service. If I had any complaints it would be that, very minor though as that is the case with many sources.
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    They are pretty good. They would be my second alternative. Good gear and customer service.
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    Str8jacked Junior Member

    Agreed good, but a lil short on the amount. Most of us use "talls" and not the "shorties" that way you get at least 10mls. It shouldn't be short no matter what, if you advertise 10ml then it needs to be 10ml.
    I'd put them in a top 7 list though..,
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    THEBIGMACDADDY Junior Member

    I used them a while back, and was very pleased. I was currently using a more prominent domestic source beginning my cycle, but needed more. I tried them after reading their reviews, and gave them a shot. I bought test prop and tren. I could tell a huge difference at the end of my cycle from my first source to when I started using roxi. Great quality. I only got one short vial with 2 talls. Not sure if they shorted me any. But nonetheless good source. They are probably number three domestic source.
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    Str8jacked Junior Member

    @MacDaddy good that you are happy with them, but I think it's a stretch to say that they are #3 as a Dom. They just got into the game recently, only time will tell though.
    Thanks for the details and BTW always check the qty of your gear....
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    A friend of mine ordered from Roxi last month and was real happy with the service and delivery and now has told me that the Prop he ordered is definitely good .
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    I agree with you MACDADDY. They are good. For some reason the last order I made with them took over a month for me to get my gear. I don't know what the problem was but he gave me a free vial of test. I had already went ahead and ordered from my current source though because I couldn't wait much longer so I had to take a risk. But Roxi is still good. They would definitely be my first backup.
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    MANWHORE Member

    Who would be your first alternative?
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    I apologize. I meant that Roxi would be my first ALTERNATIVE. As in they would be my second source. My mistake. I actually wouldn't have a problem using them as my main source.
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    MANWHORE Member

    Hey now, you said second alternative ..

    You sure you aint holden out on me?

    Can I get your #1 source?
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    lift heavy

    lift heavy Junior Member

    ive read good reviews about roxi i wanna give them a try pretty soon and them small vials they have i have got afew of them from a source more bulky then long vial so it looked like a 8/9 ml vial but filled to the top with oil. i also read from a mod that roxi"s sex pills are good. and now reading youguys reviews they will have my money soon.
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    Str8jacked Junior Member

    Roxi is popular on EROIDS w/good reviews.
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    lift heavy

    lift heavy Junior Member

    thats were i read the post from the mod about roxi"s sex pills.
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    Str8jacked Junior Member

    Lmao..... I get some some good cialis, makes things awesome, melanotan II works great to for both male and females.
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    lift heavy

    lift heavy Junior Member

    lol i still have some cialis from a source that was bunk gonna throw them away and get some from roxi.
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    rr3 Junior Member

    I just went to their site. Do you order from email only? It's not like other gear sites.
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    Yes. Email them your order and they will send you payment info etc.
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    lift heavy

    lift heavy Junior Member

    yep very easy and simple you maybe have to wait afew before they get back to you.
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    MANWHORE Member

    What's their email, if you don't mind me asking?

    Thank you

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