Rugged vs Soy Boy

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    It's still a mystery to me why some men develop to be rugged and masculine looking, while some are everlasting "soy boys".

    Have a look at John Travolta's face: the epitome of masculinity a77bb493e45dac3fc5f4a6da157c99f3.jpg John_Travolta.jpg
    Big bulky square face with thick facial hair, large neck, leathery skin, no matter whether he is young or old.

    Vs Mark Zuckerberg or others, who have the face of a 12 year old that never grew.

    digital-soy-boy-42158070.png soy-boy.jpg

    Even Ryan Russo after countless AAS cycles still looks 12 maxresdefault.jpg

    What hormones / neurotransmitter / molecule makes you develop into a man rather than a soyboy?

    Was it the testosterone levels in the womb and at puberty?
    Some can't change their baby faces even after grams of AAS
  2. Vipera1

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    True and very interesting question.

    However, Genetics.

    Test levels during puberty + genetic predisposition will affect how you develop. That's why you see huge transformation in some kids.
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    Theres a couple of generational gaps between Travolta and cuckerberg. Its gotta be the food and water laced with hormones and other test reducing chemicals. Remember, it was proven true that a chemical is making the frogs gay.
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    Now I’m not implying your environment explicitly changes bone structure....

    But I doubt Zuck ever had physical stimulus beyond climbing stairs. Your environment has a drastic impact on development; not just mental but physical as well.
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    Totally agree with this.

    When I see my father's pictures at my age, he looks a lot older and manly than I do.

    Granted he did more physical labor than me just sitting 9 to 5 in front of a computer, but that can't explain all of it.
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    I'd say 90% genetics, 10% environment.
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    I dont really see John Travolta as manly either. Theatre kid who danced and propositioned male masseuses in the past. Just sayin'. Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson moreso than him.
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    Travolta is a bitch with a fat face. That’s about the extent of his ruggedness.
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    Not to mention Scientology follower. GTFO!
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    I hate that guy