Rumors Stanford, etc.

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  1. Ok. Where to begin.

    First off, i do not sell anything that's not on my list. No narcotics. If one person on this board or anywhere has bought narcotics from me please come forward. If anyone has proof that i sell narcotics, please come forward. I've had people ask me if i know anyone who wants to buy this or that and I've said i will keep an eye out and never got back to them. Be honest, i don't even know people that use drugs other than marijuana. I take pain pills, but that's because (as many of you know) I'm very seriously and permanently injured. I only take them when i absolutely have to because i don't like taking drugs. I smoke marijuana very, very rarely for pain, but i can't stand the way it makes me feel.

    As far as me being in cahoots with the behind the scenes guys, whoever they might be, is also a lie. I've never had a dialogue with millard in any form whatsoever other than once i posted publicly can he delete something. I've never spoken to biggerben in any form other than in casual conversation another member mentioned he was having a rough time. I offered a bit of help and even told that person not to mention it was from me. I've done that numerous times with people I've never chatted with. Some of those peoples, on this board, don't even know I've offered or that i actually assisted them. It's all part of giving back to a community that has taken care of me.

    There are times when things might not look appropriate so I've come forward with it. Like with torroxl. I heard he was having a rough time through another member. I didnt know him and he wasn't even a customer. I ended up helping him and he became a customer and a friend. He toots the Stanford horn, but i let people know straight up, torro may have a bias. That's only fair to the community to let them know. There is another member that has done things for me behind the scenes. I have to keep that private for security reasons. He was taken care of for that. That doesn't affect meso and i can't disclose what that's about. Has nothing to do with narcotics. I've gotten close to a few of my customers throughout the years. I've never asked them to do anything inappropriate or that would in any way harm meso. Here's an example so you can understand what i mean. I got real close to a member and have been dealing with him for many years. I asked if he could ship me some 190 proof everclear.

    As far as tgi is concerned. I've heard rumors from many people that he thought i was part of some click with the top guys here to get him out. I can't say for sure that he thought that as it was second hand information. This is completely false. I've only ever praised him. I think he's a great asset to the members here. I read his post when he posted it early in the morning and sent him a pm asking him to stay. I said that he should ignore the haters, i have had to deal with them as well, and to know that there are many, many more people here that appreciate him. Be honest, i have my own theories on whats going on, but I'll keep those to myself. I don't like to start drama. I'm kind of a low drama person.

    Anyways, if anyone has any questions for me, if i can answer them i will. If anyone has any dirt on me post up. As long as you don't post any personal info that might be a security risk i won't have a problem with it. My theory on the whole situation is that everything that is being discussed in public or private is fake. Everything. I'll just leave it at that.
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    Can you offer any insight to the great meso "reset" that happened awhile ago? You mentioned the handle that was the focal point of that whole ordeal, and members are still curious about what that was all about.

    To be honest, I've heard reasons and speculation for all this drama, but I think it's time to start from the ground up, even if the "reset" had/has nothing at all to do with this.
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  4. What is the great reset? I have no idea what that means.
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    I’ve known Stanford for a while now. In all the time I’ve known him he has never one time mentioned anything about any kind of street drugs. Has not one time mentioned anything of benzodiazepines or opiates. I’ve never heard him mention anything of him and Millard involved in any type of funny behavior. Only thing Stanford and I discuss has to do with PEDS, nothing more.

    The Bull
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    Thanks for bringing that out in the open Stanny. That appears to be genuine and seems to clear a lot up.

    Do the people that discuss all those rumors have anything to provide? Or are we all done playing games?
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    #1 dont trust anybody
    #2 everyone lies to save their own ass
    #3 meso has way more going on behind the scenes than appears
    #4 dont trust anybody

    I am not pointing fingers. I am not accusing stanny of anything. TGI obviously has valid reasons for leaving. There is a reason titters thread was blown up recently. Where are all those members now? If you really want to clear shit up, here is your platform. Why was TGI ran off? Mission accomplished. This is not directed at you stan, just a general statement to those dudes who were talking mad shit recently. I am not sure Meso wants the truth.
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    there are so many conspiracy theorists, border line paranoid schizophrenics, and attention whores on meso. it doesnt take but a couple to stir up a story and get everyone in a frenzy. trigger happy bitches, its the dumbest shit ive ever seen. within a split second everyone is pointing fingers, looking over their shoulders, hiding, etc. DUMB
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    bunch of mean ole internet steroid forum bullies,
    JEALOUSY is dangerous
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    The gear mafia of meso strikes again at one of the best sources around. Not a dig at you @StanfordPharma, you were private when I came and wasn't able to order from you. But ol titteralis was. A dark day for meso and I hope the shit stains, probably fuck @balco and CDNgay or sak get wtf is coming to them. Wait, this is too sophisticated for balco, but still, fuck him.
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    You sound like your wanker of a president Trump. Blame everything else but won't look in the mirror. Typical !
  12. But my name was specifically mentioned in this conspiracy with very specific accusations. If someone came to me and said "donald duck pharmaceuticals is selling crack and conspiring to have you ousted" do you think i would take that serious with absolutely no proof at all? Not only is that a pretty serious accusation, but pretty far fetched. I think i would be wise enough to say "show me proof" before throwing that around. And, if i was the party that originated the accusations and or the party in which it was brought to their attention i would think i would be wise enough to be able to back it up. If i was selling narcotics you think at least one person would know about it or that would make me one crappy drug dealer. Like i said, i think there's an alterior motive. Not one that folks are suspecting just yet, but that will be revealed soon I'm guessin. Folks will know it when they see it. And i think there are multiple players invovled in this plot.
  13. And you sound like one of them pussy motherfuckers millennials from the UK or Canada that runs around talking shit online. Bro I’ve watched your posts and you ain’t here for nothing but to start shit with ppl. Your a low life no pussy getting motherfucker. Ppl that have lives don’t act like you. I’m not even gonna say no more about you as I’m sure you think about killing yourself one a week already. Fuck don’t you guys have a dr Phil over there you can talk too. Damn.
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    I feel like I missed something....
    People going on about the meso cabal again?
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    You “joined” yesterday. Shut the fuck up.
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    Just gonna let you all know I’m using this event for the basis of a screenplay I’m writing. This conspiracy shit is top notch fiction writing.

    None of you are getting credit or recognized. See you losers later.
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    You are dumb and not worth replying to. But since you took the time to get offended at my post, we know you're one of the 3. But which one? Now shut the fuck up.
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    I'm never on here enough to keep up with this stuff anymore. Used to make for great reading when I was slow at work.

    And as long as I've been here, I'd say the "behind the scenes" conspiracy is overplayed. Sure there's a few people who run some shady shit, but it's generally not happening.

    The conspiracies are typically just that.
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    I hear ya and thanks for posting up what you know.
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  20. Wait wth happened, TGI left?