Running 2 orals at Once ?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by tai, May 23, 2020 at 3:13 PM.

  1. tai

    tai Junior Member

    Has anyone ran two orals at once ?
    And what are you opinions on this.
  2. CDNGass

    CDNGass Member

    Along with test? And imo unless your a pro bb there’s no reason. Ppl use way to manny drugs these days, good luck
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  3. S317

    S317 Member

    I have and it’s not really uncommon. I’ve used 25mg var and 25mg winny and liked the synergy.
    Another time was 25drol and 25dbol.
    Back in the day when you could buy designer steroids/ph I really like hdrol and epistane, which in fact was probably my favorite thing I’ve ever taken.
    Just be smart and keep an eye on blood work and don’t over do it.
    Do something like half of each of what you’d normally do.
  4. MuscleFreak

    MuscleFreak Member

    yeah u can why not...nice synergy var + tbol...most guys like also like me var + adrol and even some bulk with adrol + dbol...u will just adjust dosages
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  5. FR0Z3N_B0MB34

    FR0Z3N_B0MB34 Member

    I planned to use 35 mg Dbol inj pre wo and 15mg Win pre dinner, on some pubmed studies i read that 15mg of oral Winstrol did succed in lowering nicely SHBG.
    So i ll keep 50mg ED of alpha17
  6. Jn2k2

    Jn2k2 Member Supporter

    I plan on doing Something very similar but with var instead of Winnie. Does anyone know if the half life changes for inject dbol compared to oral dbol?
  7. FR0Z3N_B0MB34

    FR0Z3N_B0MB34 Member

    i dont know if there are real studies about it, i think nobody With the proper tools ever cared to work on something similar.

    but, with my little knowledge in fisiology etc i think that, if you inject the 17 alpha aas, if its SHBG affinity is low, being unesterified can match of course some local androgen receptors (i read on pubmed about winstrol being injected in some tissues for the same principle, and testosterone base too, often on Synovial capsule and something similar) , then, after its bond with receptors it should pass trough the liver.. and being 17alpha alkylated , Some molecules should Be able to not being metabolized and excreted.. then i think, those that survive would again go to some receptors.. and then at the end of the rollercoaster will be metabolized by the liver. So i think in theory, injectables 17alpha should be a little more liver toxic, but biodisponibilty i think should be more, half life a little more and most of all i think without a great bond degree with SHBG (but high for albumin as i remember) a localized injection can make sense.

    Water based and with slin pin , it wont be a drama to pin weak body parts, i think. I would do even 3 micro pins for each side with the 17.5mg i planned (50mg - 15mg of second oral), since it will be 1ml 10unit of slin syringe, 5mg every unit. 3.5 unit for each part, maybe 6 micro pin in total for 7 unit of the slin syringe.
  8. Turbo charged

    Turbo charged Member

    It does not matter if you take 1 oral or 2 toxicity and mg make the difference. Example 50 mg of winstrol straight is harsher than 25 mg winny and 25 mg Anavar. Or atleast the same.
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  9. Mac11wildcat

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    Multiple orals are used by just about every bodybuilder on the planet. Overall, orals are perceived by us as WAY more toxic than they truly are. That doesn’t mean YOU using 2 or more at the same time is smart or safe because individual response varies greatly, just that in general we blow hepatoxicity out of proportion a bit.

    My questions would first be why you need two, which two they are, how long are you gonna use them, and at what doses. Without these details the “is two orals bad” question is without any real basis for discussion.
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  10. Mac11wildcat

    Mac11wildcat Member Supporter

    Injectable orals will have slightly slower uptake than oral if I remember what I’ve read correctly. Don’t count on this to usefully extend the half life as it only changes with ester and orals do not have an ester attached.
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  11. Methyl Mike

    Methyl Mike Junior Member

    Orals and their toxicity are generally way overblown. I would not suggest stacking anything with superdrol but other than that you should be fine. I will say its usually cool to alternate prime orals like dbol drol superdrol i wouldnt stack those together but like dbol with Anavar or Anadrol with tbol i would. Or winstrol with dbol i might do. If you stack dbol with drol for example you wll still probably only get a few weeks of good results and then youll stagnate until you rotate to something else thats why i wouldnt stack those. You wa nt to be able to rotate between them to keep gains steady. Just my opinion.