Running shoes for a fatboy?

Discussion in 'Endurance Forum' started by Outlier, Aug 26, 2020.

  1. Outlier

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    I started jogging this morning (first time since 2012) I noticed my knees were hurting a bit. I'm not a huge guy, 5'10" 250 with a 38 measurement around my abdomen at the naval (not a fatty but could definitely be leaner). I do not have any preexisting issues with my knees. I can perform squats and perform regular activities without any knee pain. Any suggestions on high quality running shoes, which may help absorb the shock provided by my extra weight?
  2. Rival

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    Checkout Brooks. They have stores that will hook you up with custom fittings.

    It’s also important to continually change to a new pair (as you wear them down) if you run a lot.
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  3. Gbro

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    I second this. I'll even give them a GTG.
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  4. Mac11wildcat

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    ^ brooks and ASICS are safe bets, go find a pair that feels good.
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    Find a running store and get properly fit. Then start buying shoes online (I use runningwarehouse). Look for last years model of whatever shoe/type you end up with. Finding out what type of shoe is most important (neutral, stability, etc.) then pick your favorite brand/color. Hoka, New Balance, Nike..

    Being bigger, if you do start racking up miles definitely change pairs every few hundred miles. When I was lighter I could easily get 1k plus miles out of a single pair. Now I rotate them out more frequently.
  6. Silentlemon1011

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    For sure
    Used to use Adidas zeroes when I was lighter.

    Now, it feels like someone is taking a framing hammer to my heels, even on the treadmill
  7. cmK9s33

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    I'll agree that brooks are nice running shoes. I like the launch model but several of my friends that run 15+ miles a week like the ghost and adrenaline lines.
  8. Test_Subject

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    Brooks Ghosts. Your feet will thank you. I do a 5k paved trail run three times a week and I love them.

    They also come in colours that won't make your eyes bleed, so that's a plus.
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  9. cmK9s33

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    Avoiding eye bleeds is always good lol. Seriously though, I don't know what happened about 10 years ago or so, but finding non-invasive colored running shoes became a real chore. Almost as if the manufacturers were trying to use their shoes as Hi-visibility substitutes.
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  10. 4Figgy

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    ASICS Gel Kayano. It’s a long distance running shoe. Also look into some cheap knee sleeves. If your patella isn’t tracking properly they will help big time.
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  11. Test_Subject

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    No kidding. I can't handle the highlighter-vomit looking ones.
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    I went to a true running shoe store, not a box store that sells shoes. They put me on a treadmill and watched my gait, and how everything moved. They used that information to pick a few types of shoes that fit my gait and made a world of difference
  13. Ozzy619

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    what do you mean you’re not a huge guy? That’s a lot of weight to be putting on your knees. If you’re set on running then focus on your form. A running shoe is a running shoe unless you’re serious into it. Your form and gait as mentioned is what’s going to matter the most. I like Nike free runs. Practice having a good form just like weight training. Roll your heel and be cautious running down hill.
  14. muscletrain

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    Best of the best for a "fatty" opr someone who needs cushioning is definitely Hoka One's, then ASICs and Brooks you really can't go wrong with. Hoka's are expensive but they are legit.