Running sustanon 250 once a week + eq 250 mg

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    so they guy that im buying from told me the cycle i was planning on doing was wrong and it was too much which was:

    Week 1-12 Test e 500mg a week (250mg shots) Sunday morning Wednesday night (250mg each day)

    week 1-14 aromasin 12.5g EOD

    I start pct two weeks after last test shot

    week 14

    clomid 100/100/50/50

    nolva 40/40/20/20

    he now tells me to run sustanon once a week (250 mg) and also eq (250mg/week)
    now ive been researching and sustanon should be pin EOD or E3D
    who is correct also he doesnt want me taking any clomid pct. should i follow his advice or stick to my cycle.
    ps. i am 5'10 and this would be my first cycle 24 yo
  2. Don't start till you have all you need. You need clomid and Nolva post cycle. The low dose cycle will work if you weight less than 160pounds.
    If you want to add more than 20 pounds to your frame you need to replace the EQ for Adrol or Deca
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    I'm 163 pounds not sure if that makes a difference
  4. I
    You won't grow much at that dose of you are 190 pounds. If you are a big dude you'll need a better bulker than EQ unless you just want to cut
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    im trying to put on size with my first cycle. id rather start with test e at 500 mg a week two shots of 250mg a week for 12 weeks, should aromasin be used from start to finish in the cycle ?
  6. 12.5 mg aromasin every 4 days will be a good start if you running 500mgs. Starting one week after first shot. Increase frequency if holding water
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    I'm running my first cycle that includes EQ 500wk. Anyone know if its better to spread it in 2 shots or just the whole 500 once a wk?