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    I wanna start running, I have gotten fat being unmotivated to do anything. Was thinking every other day lift 1 run 1 type of deal. I decided on running just to get me outside more. Any suggestions on best way to go about it as a non runner. I have bought a pair of shoes. Kinda looking for ways not to fuck myself up right off the bat.
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    Here is a training plan geared towards running a 5k, and also great for just giving you a head start. Lots of different training plans.

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    Start slow, don't make the mistake of running all your runs too fast. If you're trying to lose weight running, longer slower runs will help while you build a base for faster running.

    I'd not run too many miles in the beginning, see how your first few days go. Some people can take time off and run a bunch out the gate, others have to work up to a mile or two at a time.

    Work on your running form, be careful to not heel strike too much. Or else shin splints will sideline you.

    If you're serious about running after some time, get a Garmin or other GPS watch. Best running investment next to a pair of quality shoes.
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