Russian pullup program

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by johntt44, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. johntt44

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    Anybody tried this? I'm putting off my Superdrol cycle for another 4 or 5wks and just kinda winging it. Still working out just breaking up the monotony. I'm about 3 days in now. On trt dosage for time being.
    The program is 5 days on, 1 off for 5 cycles.
    This is the 8rm program for example

    The last day would be 12,12,11,10,9
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  2. Perrin Aybara

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    Not that exactly, but when I was locked up I did some crazy volume with bodyweight stuff. Like 500 pull ups in a day, or 2000 push ups or dips. Ladder sets like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, or just straight sets of 10 every so often all day long.
  3. johntt44

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    I'm just kind of screwing around but it seemed cool so I'm trying it. I started at 12rm so it should be pretty good volume at least. My next back workout program is going to start with pull ups so I might as well get a headstart now.
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    I think you will get some good results with a program like this. Pull-ups are under rated for mass, pulling your body weight for more than just a few reps, especially if you weigh more then 200 lbs ain’t no joke. Most cable pullldown stacks usually only go to 200 pounds, im currently about 228 lbs. im lucky if I can get more then about 6 reps in a set now. Nothing seems to pump up my entire lat quite like a few sets of pull-ups.
  5. We would do 5 push ups on each stair going up and down the stair case. That was probably my favorite thing lol
    Oh man the creativity will jail workouts were great. The damn COs kept taking our water bag"weights" lol
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  6. My lat pull down machine goes to 260 and I'm hitting that for 8 with a little momentum. Body weight is 225ish.
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  7. 2000!! I know a guy that did 1000 everyday. I did it with him one day. The second day I was like I'll do lunges and bodyweight wall sqauts lol
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    Yeah, I weigh 240 right now. A guy I worked with did 30 pushups every hour on the hour for a month(awake). He told me his bench actually went up. I've done weighted dips everyday for a few weeks when I was younger and my front delts grew some.
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    We played hearts basically all day every day for 50 push ups per hand whoever got the queen of spades, everyone else did 50 if you shot the moon, and all the losers got extra at the end. That shit added up fast.
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    Woke up and cranked out my pull ups before getting ready for work. That woke me up quick!
  11. johntt44

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    It's weird , pulling doesnt seem to hurt my torn rotator cuff. The pullups dont make it hurt but it's been sore this past week. Maybe from all the use? I'm was up to 13,13,12,11,10 today. I think it may be overuse.
  12. LeoTC

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    Its actually a really solid scheme. Its one of the few bodyweight pulls that I've found hits the point of diminishing returns quickly if you take every set to failure.

    Say my RM is 10. I can crank out 10, next round I'll likely only hit 8, then might manage 6/7 over the last two.

    I've found that if I leave one or two in the tank I'll keep consistent across each set. So say 9 across the board totalling 36 instead of 30/32.

    I might actually give this a go myself just to up the vertical movements.
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  13. johntt44

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    Yeah, I could actually do 15 but plugged in 12rm so I wasnt close to failure. It definitely working. I barely rest between sets now.