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    Hey guys. I'm new here to Meso but I've been creeping for a while, reading female cycle logs. I'm a little late getting this thing started. I started my first cycle of Anavar 2 weeks ago, Monday 08/28. I started at 5mg (2.5 mg twice a day). I intended to stay at that dose for the first week and then increase to 10mg daily (5mg twice a day). I have since found that I feel really good at the 5mg dose and decided to ride it out for another week. I increased my dose to 10mg this morning (split 5mg am and 5mg pm).

    A little about me...I am a 35 yr old female with 2 kids (soon to be 36). I started my fitness journey at 31. It all started with resistance bands in my bedroom and running. My first passion was running. I suffered a knee injury that made running impossible for a while so my focus shifted to lifting weights. I lifted consistently for about 2 years and then life got crazy and I fell off for close to a year. Lost an enormous amount of muscle. :( I got back at it in March of this year. Muscle memory kicked in. I swear I'll never slack again. I have been interested in aas for some time but honestly didn't know where to even begin. I started doing some research and decided it was time to try. Ordered my anavar and lab max kit and here I am.

    So far my sides have been as follows:

    Headache for the first 3 days straight, now I mostly have a headache in the afternoon.
    Hot flashes for the first week
    Sweating more
    Increased thirst (drinking a gallon + a day)
    Increased libido and clit sensitivity (I love this side!!!)
    Increased energy. I feel super strong. Like superwoman. lol (is that a side?)
    Oily skin (no blemishes yet)

    I'm currently taking in 2000 calories a day
    Macro split 50 C/30 P/20 F
    I'm finding it hard to hit the goal on carbs. Sometimes I fall short.

    My training typically goes as follows:

    Sunday - Legs
    Monday - Rest
    Tuesday - Chest and Abs
    Wednesday - Back and Biceps
    Thursday - Legs
    Friday - Shoulders and Triceps
    Saturday - Rest
    Sometimes Mon and Tue are switched up. I work 2 jobs and it just depends on my shift.

    I'm thinking about switching this up soon. I'd like to train legs 3 times a week during this cycle. My weight starting out was about 118. Weighed in at 120 this morning. It's slowly climbing. I'm currently not doing any cardio. My main focus is bulking as much as possible. I'll probably add in some cardio at some point but tbh I hate that shit.

    When I started this cycle, I could hardly squat 135. Last night I was able to squat 165 x 2. I tried for 175 but failed and had to have my boyfriend help me out. When I have more time I will do my best to start posting detailed workout logs. I hope to make this log as detailed as possible. Reading other female logs has really helped me out.

    I will also post some photos later.

    I started this cycle with a plan to run 6 weeks. I have decided to run 8 weeks now. I may run even longer depending on how I feel. I've read a lot about lethargy in longer cycles and I don't like the idea of stressing my liver so much. I am a recovering addict with almost 5 years clean. Surely I did enough damage to my liver in my early 20's...

    Anyway, I'm glad to be here and excited for these gains!!
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    Hey! How tall are you?

    Also curious, does your boyfriend use AAS? And how does he feel about ur use, if he knows ?
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    I knew I'd leave something out.
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    5'5 120 huh? Wow your tiny! I have a training partner who is 5'4 115lb so I imagine body mass idex wise you are very similar.

    Try to eat some fats ya know, those will help u get ur calories up. Enjoy some cheat meals here and there! Keep training and I'm sure you'll achieve your goals.

    Also no reason to exceed 8 weeks on an oral. 10MG for 8 weeks will be enough to see significant progress.
    Cycle safe. @Sadie
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    He does not but has in the past. He's ok with me trying them. Not a huge fan but supportive.
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    Good thats Important he supports you! I think a partner should always be supportive.
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    Thanks! I do have a very small frame. I struggle to gain. I badly want to grow my legs!! I'll bump up the fats. God knows I love peanut butter!
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    Yes! Peanut butter is like my favorite and the best weight gainer lol

    You should try Nutella! ;)

    Also when you squat go for 5-7 sets of 8 or more reps. Grind those out and you'll definitely add lean body mass to your glutes and quads.
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    Just make sure you get good var. Labmax is good start, my girl is 5 1 and 127
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    How many Anavar cycles has she done?
    Also has she cycled any thing else?
    Age too by the way if you don't mind...?
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    As mentioned always be sure to test your gear to ensure it is what the label claims. A friend of mine cycled var up to 20mg a day with the only sides I know of being oily skin and acne but put on a great amount of lbm. Personally I love var as the gains are lean and I get stupid pumps in the gym.
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    You can switch to an upper/lower split sun lower/ mon upper tues rest wed lower thursday upper fri lower sat rest

    Or throw triceps in with chest and add legs to your shoulder day. If ever i had an excuse to skip a workout it would come up in leg day. Until I combined leg and shoulder day. And now I never miss leg day. You'd hust have to arrange the days better to not hit legs 2 in a row.

    Or add deadlift to your back day. I usually deadlift on back day.
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    Thanks for posting this. My wife is interested in getting on Var soon so she has been reading threads like this.
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    Thanks guys! I did the uv lab max test and it was good. I wanted to take a pic of the results but I was feeling pretty rushed in my bedroom crushing a pill and looking shady as hell. My kids are bad about rushing in without knocking.

    Yesterday was day 15
    10 mg split am and pm
    Weight 120

    Rest day turned into chest day because I ended up not having to work. Not feeling well so it was a quick workout in my garage with my boyfriend. Not much to it.

    Incline DB press
    30lb x 10
    35 x 10
    40 x 4 (previously only lifted 30 but felt strong and shot for 40)

    Dips (have always done assisted dips until last week)
    2 x 10
    1 x 8
    These felt so good. Dips have always been hard for me.

    High cable fly
    20lb x 15
    30 x 10
    30 x 8

    Day 16 Rest Day
    10mg split am and pm
    Weight 119.8

    I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping recently. I wake up several times each night to pee. I've never taken in this much water but I'm thirsty all of the time. Drinking a gallon/+. Yesterday was my first day taking 10mg. I felt bloated as shit. I get bloated easily if I eat even the smallest amount of salt. I've had the most insane, vivid dreams too. Nightmares that really fuck me up going back to sleep. Still experiencing increased libido and sensitivity. No enlarged size yet. No headache for the last few days. Oily skin. No blemishes. I feel pretty good.

    Looking for some advice...
    This weekend I'll be heading out of town for a music festival. The way I do music festivals is arrive early, get to the front of the stage for the headliner and wait. I'll literally stand for hours and hold my pee to not lose my spot. That being said, this stuff makes me so incredibly thirsty. In order to stand for hours without peeing, I also have to refrain from drinking anything. My question is, would it be ok to skip my var for 2 days? That would be Sat and Sun. I know this might sound like a crazy question. I absolutely love music and concerts and will do just about anything to see my favs up close. This is how I managed to stand in the front row for Tool. About 8 hours of holding my pee and standing in an enormous crowd...totally worth it!
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    IMG_1821.JPG IMG_1822.JPG
    Day 1 Photos
  16. Sadie

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    IMG_1983.JPG IMG_1987.JPG IMG_1990.JPG
    Day 15 Photos (trying so hard to flex by baby chest muscles)
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    Yeah skip the var! Won't hurt. But you could just have someone hold your place and go find a bathroom to pee lol
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    You have literally the same body as one of my training partners! Except u r older than her and it shows slightly, no offense! Your looking great right now though, excited to see your transformation :)
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    Lol! Thanks. In a sea of over 20,000, it is impossible to get in and out of the crowd from the front row. Standing shoulder to shoulder for hours. I'll just skip it. I still plan on training before the show.
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