Safe Cycle options for gyno prone people.

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by nick king, Nov 8, 2010.

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    nick king

    nick king Junior Member

    Hi guys, i recently experienced some slight gyno problem felt a lump under nipple,long story short immediatly i took arimidex for the next month and it made a HUGEEEE difference. has gone down to almost nothing. now what i was interested in is where to from here? never touch steroids again? what are my options? what are some steroids that wont cause gyno? or make it worse? i know i should run nolva with it but what are my options? sorry i had to rush this just at work didnt have time to write about my history stats training etc. will do it when i get home if its necessary.

    thanks in advance for any advice.
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    fina lover

    fina lover Member

    stats and whats your body fat. Some men with more body fat are more prone to production of gyno. im taking a stab in the dark but i would say your not thin. we also need to know your gear history and post cycles, of the previous cycles.
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    nick king

    nick king Junior Member

    12% bodyfat this morning


    gear history has always been the same
    500ml test 300ml deca

    test has varied from sus to enenthate but would usually be that. post cycle would be clomid and nolva.

    training 3 yrs natural before hitting the stuff. been on the gear on and off nearly 3 yrs now. i have roughly 6 months break between cycles.

    naturally i am extremely skinny.

    hopefully i have provided with plenty of info to get some advice on safe cycle options for people who have experienced some form of gyno?
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    Well sounds strange deca and test should not give bad gyno like dbol would

    i would say anavar and primobolan cycle would be very $$$$$ but wouldnt give gyno at all and at high doses would be a very good lean bb gycle with no gyno problems
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    nick king

    nick king Junior Member

    i dont have any anavar but i do have some primobolan. i am doing dave palumbos keto diet for 200lb male. and im loving the results. but i want to be on something just to help hold onto the muscle. how many mg primo would be good? im looking to run for 8 to 10 weeks. would i need nolva while running the primo. im assuming not because its not like test where it converts to estrogen but after this little scare i reallly want to be extra cautious. would i need to run clomid or a pct if i just run primo on its own? what if i did primo and stanazol?because i have that on hand too.
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    nick king

    nick king Junior Member

    I just read my anabolic encyclopedia by william lewelyn and researched primo. u r spot on. it said even the most sensitive people who r prone to gyno need not worry with this.

    the only thing i need to do is see how to take this one as i am not familiar with this. i usually just run with the 500ml test and deca.

    would i still need a pct with primo?

    sorry for silly questions. im not familiar with this one.

    i noticed another thing people mentioned with primo it is known to cause some hair loss in some people. :(
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    fina lover

    fina lover Member

    Well you know what they say about assuming!! Since your not a chubby boy and your cycle dossing wasnt out of controle and pct was up to par, i would question the gear. Can you honestly say your supplier diddnt cut it or or the lab itself didnt. it could just simply boil down to the fact that you may be prone to gyno. the only reason i wouldnt jump to this is ive seen people with chilldhood gyno pump large amounts of AAS with a basic pc and still no issues. if you simply are prone i would not have a answer for you.
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    nick king

    nick king Junior Member

    to be honest. i am thinking the gear was shonky. deca prob wasnt deca. im thinking it may be fake label and the whole lot might have been just test. so i was taking 900mg test or more if the gear was rubbish.

    so 300mg deca. if that was test then that plus the 500mg test i think that would be enough test to cause a possible gyno issue. i didnt run the nolvadex while ON this cycle.i never had an issue.

    im guessing the primo that i have is prob rubbish too. i did some research and only schering has the rights to make/sell primo. my primo is some retarted brand.

    not happy about this. to be honest at the moment im going natural and im actually pretty happy with the results. but gear does give that extra help. i guess if i cant get stuff directly from chemist then i am not touching anything. sick of these fake $%^% going around.

    also appreciate your help guys.

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