Safemail? Is it safe?

Discussion in 'Security, Privacy & Anonymity' started by Y2JVD, Feb 25, 2014.

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    I've been using safe mail for awhile now but recently it locked me out saying it was doing maintenance. I assume that that's not a good thing or it could be nothing at all...Just wondering what some of you guys use.
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    thanks for that Spyder. I feel even better knowing I made a wise choice going with safemail vs hushmail.
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    I wouldn't use them securenym is the best pay by money order and never records IP address
  5. I use countermail. It's a pay for service, but it's cheap and well worth it, in my opinion.

    All servers are housed in Sweden. It uses 4096 bit PGP encryption by default. That's a hell of a lot better than what most people run their PGP at. It doesn't record your IP address, either.
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    Do you guys use these emails for purchasing from sources, or for distribution purposes? Trying to decide if I should jump on the ship.
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    Regular posted the following at AB a while ago. Good info on Securenym.

    Securenym Complies With Court Orders

    Securenym is a US based email provider. Per their help pages they will reveal the contents of account if they receive a court order.

    WebMail Folders
    Folders pose a serious security risk, as they encourage the user to leave archived messages on the SecureNym servers. Since SecureNym is a security service, this is somewhat of a contradiction of our intended purpose.

    As a result, we strongly suggest that subscribers use encryption for their incoming messages. Users may choose either S/mime or PGP, but the contents of the mailbox (and all folders) should be encrypted.

    Inbox encryption protects not only the user, but SecureNym as well. In the event of a court order requiring us to reveal the contents of a mailbox, encryption greatly reduces the risk of sensitive information being disclosed.
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    They the comply with court order. But when you don't log ip and make it so once the email is deleted on both ends it's gone. There's not much a court order can do.
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    Although the latter would certainly draw more attention of LE than the former what difference does it ^^^^ make since both are potentially illegal activities?

    Hmm the inference is obvious, have someone admit they DISTRIBUTE AAS!

    Perhaps your not LE but those are exactly the types of questions LE would query about, using "secure e-mail" as a front.

    At the very least it's BAD FORM, IMO.

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    Counter mail is the best imo
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    ALWAYS use VPN, based in a safe country, wherever you go on the internet.

    Use PGP as much as you can.

    ENCRYPT everything you can.

    Any email service (including safe-mail) is safe under that premise as long as you use your head.

    Financial links to a service can be just as bad as IP addresses.
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