safest bets for pharma (counterfeit)

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    For those who have knowledge of HGH brands and have been in the game for a while, what are the safest and least safe pharma brands as far as likelihood of counterfeit?

    Are any brands more likely to be counterfeit (you've seen lots) and any the there are very few?

    I used to use human grade gear years ago, but the safes bet, ICN, fakes started to float round so I gave up and switched to UG.
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    If you're getting a USA made GH such as Serostim, Humatrope, Nutropin, etc. then look for evidence of it having a script on it that has been removed, or has the name blacked out with marker, or torn off. All GH coming from a US pharmacy will have a script on it somewhere. Some boxes of Serostim won't have that depending on how many are picked up at the pharmacy at once. Meaning, 4 boxes might be taped together and only one has a script on it. I've never had any fakes so not sure what they'd look like. If buying pharma from overseas obviously it won't have a script on the box.
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    Serostim, Humatrope, Saizen, Genotropin would have a script probably on the box. But I don't think pharma grade is worth the extra expense and bullshit
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    It’s really not that expensive anymore and compared to generics well worth the extra money. Everyone is different, some like generics. To me no comparison though. Only ones that really were decent generics were the Greys from PD
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    People are getting 500 IGF 1 readings off generics like 5 iu meditrope.

    Despite this, pharma is still in another league? I'm honestly asking, hsve only tried generics
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    Yeah it is. IGF scores are not the end all be all as to how well GH works. I remember Riptropins used to give sky high serum and IGF numbers, and all they really did was give a shit load of water retention for me. Meditropes gave me a ton of water retention and just a crappy look as well. I've used most of the popular generics over the years.. Thanktropins, Novotropins, Riptropins, Greys, Meditropes, and none compare to what Serostim, Humatrope, etc do. The closest were the Greys I used to get from PD, which were supposedly Ansomone unlabeled. Whether that is true or not, who knows. The chinese will counterfeit anything, and do anything to make a buck. If you have the chance grab a 72iu pen of Humatrope, take 3iu per day and judge for yourself which is better. The answer will be clear.
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    Agree 100% ,i had same experience... with generics u also get high igf but who knows they can boost that with some peptides..i also hold more water with generics...with pharma different better look to the physique and fat loss, without any cardio or deficit easy to have six pack year round
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    Check out the optitropin grey tops, tested at 99.24% I believe, /w no dimmer.
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    Hey where can i find those?
  10. Cashton

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    Go checkout the underground section we have here. They have an optitropin USA domestic thread, and a Canadian domestic thread, I’m Canadian so I use @Opti-Canada , I believe they’re is also an Opti EU.
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    Yup those Chinese, with those mysterious peptides and substances that fool IGF scores. Must be really secret and cheap to make, test and develop, so cheap that its cheaper then real HGH which can be made for about 25cents an IU. Also not one person ever found this substance in a vial that was tested. I wounder how they do it, must be really secret. I got to go smoke some more weed see you guys later.
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    Why would I ever check those out when I have pharm grade GH? I'm well aware of tests, and have used the best of generics before and they're nothing like pharm grade GH.
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    Oh sorry I forgot pharma is some special sauce.. my bad.. lmfao.
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    Which labs you usually prefer to using?
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    On genotropin at the moment...this musle fulleness and roundness i never get with generics and i do hold lot more water...232 at 5'7 Polish_20201006_123324252.jpg
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    How many IU's a day?
  17. MuscleFreak

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    One pen of genos 36iu is 2 weeks for me,i use it 5 days per week at 3.6IU
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    What are you laughing about? You told me to go check out some generic like its something special when its just another generic. Until you have used pharma GH and had the chance to compare the two it's best to just keep your mouth shut because unless you've done that your opinion means nothing. You are right though, Pharma GH is special sauce compared to generics.
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    Lmao okay, keep on thinking that!
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    Like I mentioned, unless you have used pharma and generic, which clearly you haven't, then you shouldn't be commenting on which is better. That would be like me saying Humatrope is better than Nutropin without having used both to make a valid comparison.
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