Sample annual cycle frequency of 4-week T-prop

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by youngBuilder, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. youngBuilder

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    The time-on/time-off ratios, for those with healthy a HPTA, is obviously very important (most important). Most people I see on this board do the typical 10-12 week cycles about twice a year, where TIME ON = TIME OFF.

    I don't like long cycles and I was wondering if the following method would work just as well despite the higher frequency of on/off throughout the year:

    -4 weeks of Test-prop (and other orals or short ester stacks)
    -4 weeks of pct (1 week in between cycle and PCT)
    -4 weeks off everything

    So, basically a 4-week T-Prop cycle once a quarter.

    Is this doable? Is this just as effective for maintaining a healthy HPTA (or better) than the traditional 10 weekers?
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  2. BigSha

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    I really think that's a non sense . I can't give any scientific support but i think that the less u shut down your htpa and then Recover it , the better . You want to do 4 cycles a year , that means 4 times your balls are going to be not producing any test . So much stress on your htpa for so short periods of time .
  3. heel hook

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    I don't get any results after 4 weeks anyway so for me shorties work well and then back to TRT, so if it works for you it works.
  4. Gunrunner

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    Try it, get labs, and let us know.

    I think this would actually work pretty well. It has been said many times that dosage and duration affect PCT. Well a short cycle like this should give you a quicker start then normal.
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  5. BigSha

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    I am still a bit of a pessimistic ...
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  6. youngBuilder

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    Thanks Gunrunner, will do. I will try it and take labs during (lipid profile and E2) and 2 weeks into PCT (TT, E2, LH). Once I have everything I will post it all up.
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  7. Mike Oxbig

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    According to Bill Roberts the HPTA suppression from anything between 2-8 weeks is nearly identical.
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  8. Millard Baker

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    I even like the idea of one 10-12 week cycle per year better. The reason is that the "time on = time off" rule generally turns into "time on = time waiting to get back on".

    There's barely enough time - once HPTA has fully recovered to normal - to make any real progress training "natural."

    I hope AAS users never forget what it's like to train hard and make progress without AAS. It's also a great way to experiment with new training, nutrition programs. (When you're on-cycle, everything works!)
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  9. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    No cycle is doable without labs! I have treated men who did a very small cycle, but remained shutdown for a long time. This fact makes me wary of any AAS use without monitoring. IMO, it is just not worth sacrificing your balls.

    I might take a contrary view IF [IF] AAS use universally lead to overwhelming significant muscle gains with fat loss [everyone near an Olympia], but the reality is 90+% would have gained the same with a dedicated program without AAS.
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  10. youngBuilder

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    Awesome post Millard. I agree. I have only ever done short cycles with short esters and I prefer them because recovery is a piece of cake and I get very few sides. I avoid any terrible acne (to which I am susceptible to), mood swings when coming off and keep all my gains. I always stay off for 3-6 months at a time because I actually still like training naturally.

    I can't agree with you more on how it teaches you to train and eat right when you also depend on growth naturally for most of the year.
  11. youngBuilder

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    "I only got 2 things in this world. My Balls. And my word. And I don't break neither of them for nobody!"

    No but seriously, I always get labs. My TT is usually restored after 2 weeks of pct and continue for a couple more weeks for kicks.
  12. youngBuilder

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    Found this article, written by RealGains, who I think is also a member of this board. Awesome read on 2-weekers and 4-weekers.

    Great outline of some of the biggest things neglected by most: living with extended periods of shitty HDL levels.

    SHORT CYCLES good gains-less sides
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  13. BigSha

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    If long cycling is so bad for your lipid panel , than how do the pros or semi-pros do it ? How they are always on and always with an extremely low hdl cholesterol and very high LDL ?
  14. Millard Baker

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    Health has never been a top concern for pro bodybuilders.
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