Sarms for females

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  1. Danielle92

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    Do these products have a similar action as serms in men? Do they prevent androgens from interacting with certain regions? Can they prevent virilization?
  2. Spokeonawheel

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    Less virilizing than Anavar for instance. Also less effective. My GF has tried var, primo, and ostarine.

    Didnt see much effect from the ostarine. That's all I really can contribute.
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    Thanks for the input. My GF uses 5 mg VAR every now and then. Wondering if SARMS would work
  4. Eman

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    No... If I'm understanding you correctly, they don't work like you're thinking in comparison to SERMs. Maybe I'm misunderstanding though.

    SARMs are designed to act on specific regions androgen receptors in the body, with the hopes you can target very specific areas. However, none of the SARMs developed so far are specific to 100% anabolic effects. You can still experience virilization from some, and you may not experience much of anything from others.
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    Simply put... SARMS are too high risk, too high cost and next to no reward. That's the best way to summarize it.

    I find more bad sides with sarms and I have tried a variety of them along with some of my clients - rashes, hives, heart palpitations, insomnia - so i guess I could say they work well for the sides you don't want.

    If she's used var, there is nothing like it and sarms will not even compare to it.
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    There are quite a few interactions we dint fully understand about SARMs yet.
    I'd just stay clear or them for a few more years.
    Some of the studies are promising... yet not specific in any one area.

    For example, SARMs can POTENTIALLY be used as a prostate agonist.
    But the study which showed that was not DIRECTLY focusing on Ostarine effects on the Prostate, so they did not investigate further.

    RAD140 has shown to destroy your hair.
    But it should not...., based on its pharmacology.
    It also messes with your electrolytes etc.

    This stuff is too new and unknown.
    Specifically for women... I like to experiment.. but I'm a bald, ogre lookin fucker.
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