Sarms Raws vs AAS raws

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  1. Can someone explain to me how the fuck sarms raws are 10x more expensive than AAS raws. One is illegal in the USA and one is not. Lol why the big difference. It’s cheaper to stay on cycle than it is to go off and do sarms in the interim. Fuck!
  2. gear shef

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    Demand bro...high demand, higher price. cuz people will buy it regardless
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  3. But they don’t work!
  4. AlwaysHungry

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    They defenitaly work I have seen it with my eyes on friends. BUT nowhere near as good as traditional roids
  5. Which ones work in your opinion?
  6. AlwaysHungry

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    Lgd,Rad,S4,Cardarine and MK (which is not a sarm but anyway)
  7. gear shef

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    Rad is the best imo
  8. jJjburton

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    I think you get a lot more. Dosing 1 gram of test is a vial. 1 grams of sarms is years worth.
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  9. Love the SARMs for bridging and pct.
    I agree with @AlwaysHungry
    They work well.
    Is it the same as being on cycle?
    Hell no.
    I will be running Rad and LGD before my next cycle... I figure I'm suppressed anyways, so may as well jump on cycle instead of taking nolva for a mini PCT.