Sarms revolution lab ( canadian lab )

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    Screenshot_20200212-151528_Chrome.jpg My first sarms stack!
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    What are your preferences, liquid or pills ?
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    Liquids taste horrible, I just finished my pct and used GW and MK from sarmtech which is in pill form. Couldn’t tell the difference from when I used liquids from and Proven peptides. Plus they have 3 lab testing on each batch of product.
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  6. Are you calling him fat? Interesting study though. Why not use clomiphene or hcg? Those are usually the first protocols prescribed to increase natural T and preserve fertility.
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    IDK if he's fat or not.

    SERMs have undesirable effects for long term use, thus unsuitable.
    HCG can increase estrogen too much.
    Mg per mg, estrogen is the may thing that suppresses testosterone levels, so tiny dose AI can slightly lower estrogen (without totally crashing it) which in turn rises Testosterone.
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    You have used this bullshit study multiple times, its fucking retarded to use an AI to raise testosterone. Why not just lose the bodyfat that is causing the testosterone to convert?

    The slight amount the letro will raise his test levels is going to do nothing. Its going to be like adding vitamin d3.

    Sarms aren't the greaest thing but neither is really a sarm. He isnt really using any sarms. If he was using some actual sarms he would see a lot more than what low dose letro would provide.