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  1. xSNIPERx

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    Good day eveyone

    I would like to know about sarms(Selective androgen receptor modulators)
    Have this guy at the gym that swears by them,but I'm old school so have never looked into them. We had this talk the other day and he did give me all the good things about them "like a good sales person would lol"
    I would like to know if there's any body that's running it or has ran it before and is it as good as they say it is, and is it even worth looking into
  2. Oldschool

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    Stay old school and stay away from sarms. Unless you want to look like that dylan dude:p
  3. xSNIPERx

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    Lol holy shit he looks bad hahaha
  4. JackSmooth

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    Is that guy by any chance scared of needles
  5. BigNattyDaddy

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    Waste of money
  6. Seattle23

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    OP did the guy mention you will shut yourself down?
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  7. Oldschool

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  8. xSNIPERx

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    No not at all he's running it now on hes "off cycle" so that he keeps hes numbers up I think Hahaha
  9. JackSmooth

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    My piss is more anabolic than sarms
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  10. xSNIPERx

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    It seems like there a general consense about this this, it's all shit and a waste of money hahaha
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  11. Test_Subject

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    Weak, no long-term studies done, suppressive...

    No thanks.

    You'll make better gains on 250mg test a week than any sarm. I guarantee it.
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  12. 350lift

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    reports of people having pretty severe vision issues with sarms
  13. gear shef

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    Sarms...very poor efficacy. Low dose aas would be cheaper and more effective.

    4 weeks on a low-moderate dose of any oral aas (excluding proviron) will beat 8 weeks on a high dose of any sarm any day. I’m not suggesting oral only cycles, this is for mere comparison.

    Spend all ur sarm money on legit Test and you’ll be way happier
  14. 5millionbucks

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    Maybe gains wise; but to be honest suppression wise I just ran 2 months of S4 while dieting; it was awesome. Plus didn't lose libido while on it and after I was done getting bloodwork even though their was slight suppression it wasn't much; 20% max LH and FSH didnt change actually my LH doubled; so I did get some testicular atrophy; but nothing bad.
  15. gear shef

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    Your LH increased 100% but your testicles shrunk and ur test went down %20? Can u post the bloods cuz that doesn’t make sense. Unless you had some trauma to ur nuts idk why it would go down like that
  16. gear shef

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    If u took a serm prior to second blood draw I could see that as well. But S4 alone resulting in that type of circumstance is very unusual and doesn’t make sense