Scammed by Member "Juicy"

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by T-Diddy, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. illuminatty

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    Kiss that money good bye bro he prob spent it on cocaine and hookers already
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  2. T-Diddy

    T-Diddy Member

    Oh, I have kissed it good bye alright. This is just more of a preemptive "I told you so". Don't get me wrong, I am still the fucktard here, but there was a reason for this original post.
  3. Burrr

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    Where's my fucking pizza, it's been 31 minutes damnit!!
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  4. calfcramp

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    You think you're getting what you paid for. If you buy raws the profit margin is still freaking high even at half the going rate on eroids. Some of the labs on eroids are going the direction of moving volumes at a good price rather than nickle and diming people. I was using an over seas source off eroids and paying less than half of the going rates on naps and hulk. The gear rocked too but the ta f-ing blew. 3 weeks for a package and they'd take days to respond. Banner and naps were just as f-ing bad. Dealing with domestic has reduced my stress level by like 100,000,000.x, service is outstanding, my pocket book is hefty and the gear is golden. You're wrong dude.

    A sucker is born every minute. I'm just surprised some of them have survived this long.
  5. juicy

    juicy Member

    Just going to go ahead and end this thread. Saturday I received a threatening message from t-diddy to go to feds/LE/legal resorts unless he got his money back. All contact with him is now ended. This will be my last comment on this thread.
  6. Colt44

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    Post the the threats
  7. juicy

    juicy Member

    He had a couple sentences claiming he contacted boss and that I was a scammer etc. then...

    "I have contacted my bank and are able to trace where the EMT had been transferred for a fee that I am more than willing to further pursue.

    Please let me know how you purpose to reconcile this situation. "

    No more contact will be given to this fellow he is a danger to the AAS community, will definitely ask for him to be added to the blacklist in Canada.
  8. T-Diddy

    T-Diddy Member

    Please let me and others know where I said I was going to go to "feds/LE/legal resorts"...
  9. Colt44

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    So is the gear on the way or did you scam him? That is the only question here.
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  10. ChillBill

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    I feel bad for you and anyone else that gets scammed T-Diddy.
    Good luck on your next one man, just remember Research for months so you can see the big picture.
  11. GodChild1

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    I have no idea whats going on here but all I have to ask is... why not stick with a tried and true source like naps?
  12. T-Diddy

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    Risk getting into Canada... Don't feel juice is worth the squeeze here when we have some pretty good labs domestically.
  13. Colt44

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    How do you feel about the Juice now? Well worth the squeeze huh.
  14. T-Diddy

    T-Diddy Member

    Yeah, not so much... But did gain a couple of great contacts along the way so trying to look at that side of the coin.
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  15. brutus79

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    Great contacts in two weeks? Y'all pretty fucking trusting up north...
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  16. Voltrader

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    I hear they don't lock their doors.
  17. Colt44

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    It's only freedom and possibly your life. Why not trust a stranger online? What's the big deal?
  18. Lorello

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    If you don't have street smarts of special spidey senses that tingle don't order lol.
  19. T-Diddy

    T-Diddy Member

    Spidey senses were tingling immensely doing that stupid move, but had to convince myself otherwise. I am not sure how spidey senses would not be kicking in with ANY transaction :confused: unless you personally know a guy for years that has connections.
  20. Lorello

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    The force is strong with this one lol. So what ended up happening buddy? You get your doh or stuff?