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    went to the gym no warmup hit chest really heavy 315 a few reps. Felt pain on my left side of the chest pretty intense. Did some triceps pain continued to be intense went home And sleept on it next day went into the ER had an ekg and X-ray done everything looked normal probs pulled my chest muscleand freaked out a bit. Any experience? Cruising on 175mg of test weekly that’s it. Diet is pretty shit doc told me to drop my monsters and lower my nicotine intake just for safety.
  2. What did the ER doc advise you? If they said its muscle pain then you're fine.

    Learn to distinguish between muscle pain and chest pain (angina - research it) - but good call having it looked at. Aches and pains are going to happen from time to time, same with strains.

    Also, this is probably unrelated to your episode, but I'm gonna go ahead and say it now - blasting and cruising with a shit diet, a caffeine habit, and smoking is something that no offense, a dumb dumb would do. Clean your diet up, drop the stims, quit smoking, check you blood pressure every day, and check cholesterol regularly.

    Glad to hear you're okay though. Next time do a few sets working up to your training max for the day. Avoid the freak out.
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    Yes sir ! And I dip tobacco or smoke a vape. It is more than a wake up call but it’s still scary as shit you know like I so happened to be sick so I felt chest pain and nauseous witch was enough for me to say yes I’m going to see a doc.
    It just caught me so off guard to have chest pains regardless if they are from working out or not. But pain is definitely going down So I’m happy.
  4. Glad you're feeling better. Don't be afraid to follow up with your GP / family doctor, sometimes knowing all is well is enough to prevent future freak outs if you're prone to health related anxiety - or even a more serious incident.

    Don't hesitate to follow up at the ER too if you don't improve.
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    10-4 it was definitely scary and I will check it out soon again at my family doctor. But I’m definitely re doing my diet and everything I intake. But it’s glad to give fed bakc I was drinking 3 monsters daily but yea no more I’m 23 and this shit was worse then being shot it scared the fuck out of me and made it worse so I proceed to see a doc. But thanks for responding and giving me feedback.
  6. No warm up. Jumped on 315 pounds. You're lucky you didn't seriously injure yourself.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better. We won't be participating in that kind of haphazard shenanigans again now, will we?

    Me hopes not.
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    What's wrong with stims if on gear, post somewhere above said it's dumb.

    Guys on big cycles don't use caffeine and such?
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    The goal is to gain as much ground with the least amount of unnatural substances as possible. The human body is amazing but even it has a breaking point under normal conditions. Exacerbating things with outlier doses of anabolics or continuously introducing stimulants does nothing but accelerate potential issues.

    Love your heart folks.
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    I won’t be doing anything too much for About a week. And im gonna definitely be cleaning up my protocols.
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  10. Unnatural? Caffeine? i tink i taw a puddy tat. :D

    Sorry, i woke up with brain damage this morning.
    i get your point. Moderation is the key.
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