Sciatica Pain

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Rocco_the_Dog, Feb 5, 2018.

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    I started getting bad sciatica pain radiating down both legs. I don’t remember doing anything to cause an injury. I have been going a little higher with my adex because i upped my HRT. Has anyone experienced sciatica type pain from low E2? Usually i get elbow joint pain when my E2 goes low but they feel good now. I must fix this fast because it’s hard to workout when you can’t even walk around the gym
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    Maybe one of the friendly docs on this site can make an informed suggestion?
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    That's a disc. Nothing to do with estro
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    I get a very stiff back and sometimes even sore kidneys if my e2 gets to high. Are you holding extra water?

    When my e2 is high my BP goes up, I feel soft and my Bach aches come back.
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    To add, my back just started hurting over the weekend, I had dropped my adex 4 weeks ago and had blood drawn this morning.

    I'm betting my e2 comes back high
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    Any chance you can find a place to hang upside down and unload those discs.
    Im not a chiropractor guy but i have seen it work for my dad.
    He went once and practically was wheeled in and came out doing cartwheels. Something got out of line and was putting pressure on a nerve. They did an "alignment"?..i think he called it.
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    It’s possible you may have injured yourself while making just a simple movement. Something similar happened to me a little over a year ago. I was in between sets while doing dumbbell bench press and when I leaned over to my left to grab the dumbbell off of the floor to begin my next set I injured my left lower back and the pain rushed in later in the evening. Down the back of my left leg up into my back. It was sciatica. Went to the doc the next day and got a shot with some pain meds. Took about a month to fully recover and avoiding any lower back lifts. Be careful with this. Definitely don’t want to make it worse.
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    I agree with this. I get low back pain and sciatica sometimes and try to uncompress my spine.

    Now, I don’t have anywhere to hang upside down, not even hanging rightside ip from a bar helps when mine is bad. Hang for a bit, try to relax, wiggle slightly, and hang a bit longer. Should feel stuff release a bit. Careful when you come down though, be gentle! Don’t want to make it worse with an acrobatic jump...
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    Do a little search on the piraformis muscle. Many times, sciatica like pain is a result of this muscle pinching a nerve. Proper stretching can be like a miracle.
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    Yes this works and theres a Machine you casn buy forgot name.
    Also focus on core ,needs to be strong.lower back stretchs morning and night mid day if you can.Google for stretches also sleeping in the Fetal position on the side or on your back with Pillows underneath claves so you can Maintain position.little by little this help me to recover took time and i feel little discomfort from time to time better then surgery that i was really thinking about .
    Shots stop working over time for me and the pain meds well thats just numbs the pain.
    Good luck op
    Fyi i had pinch nerve in my lower back this what help me
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    Get spine imaging tests done.
  13. Rocco_the_Dog

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    Update. Still in pain. Went from an 8 to about a 5/6 but still there 24-7. No working out for over two months. I went to a chiropractor and he pushed and twisted. Four weeks and nothing. they also put a belt around my waist and strapped my chest and pulled. twelve sessions and nothing. Last week I fell off a ladder around noon time. All my pain instantly went away but it came back when I regained consciousness.<joke After falling the pain was gone until the next morning when it was back as bad as usual.

    Question-- Has anyone tried low dose Deca for sciatica? Deca had helped my elbow joint pain and I was hoping it might do the same by putting fluid between the disks
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    This is probably at least part of the problem. Complete cessation of activity is never ideal. Have you been doing anything else? Walking? Stretching? I know when my back was hurt, part of the problem was becoming overly protective of it and fearful of activity.

    At this point an MRI is probably warranted, but even bulged discs can get better on thier own, and it doesnt sound like you are in agony. going from an 8 to a 5 is good progress. Have you tried physical therapy?
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    I had similar issues... I’ll still get it from a messed up disc, from time to time if I don’t stretch consistently.

    I mean like I wake up and do a stretch routine for my hips, hamstrings, groin, back and quads. And I’ll do it at night. Sometimes during the day too. It took a good 3 weeks for this to correct it the first time I learned that it may be a solution.

    All the chiropractic work in the world wouldn’t help. Also I find it happens more often when my glutes and hamstrings are weaker and imbalanced. Muscles compensating and firing strangely end up pinching a nerve.

    Then it just gets worse and worse the more shit you try. Stretching and strengthening the area was the only thing that worked for me.