Scientific principles of strength

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  1. I have recently picked up the e book “scientific principles of strength” by Chad Wesley Smith and Mike Israetel. I am only about 100 pages in and it is a very good read. Don’t know if it was worth creating a thread about it but nevertheless I would highly recommend it to just about anyone interested and involved in the pursuit of powerlifting. It is about 350 pages and is an easy read. The book is written in a very casual way.
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    As it stands you're thread was not worth creating

    How about sharing some of the stuff you have learned from it to help the forum ....
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    I've read some of their articles. What makes the book good? What topics are covered?
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    It is a good book, I have a digital copy.

    Just like the name of the book, it covers every principal of strength... I think it's a little open ended when it comes to how you can actually apply those principals though so I don't think it's really a great book for beginners necessarily.
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  5. The book goes into great detail on the following primary 7 principles:
    1.) Specificity
    a.) Sub-Principle: Training Modality Compatibility
    b.) Sub-Principle: Directed Adaptation 2.) Overload
    3.) Fatigue Management
    4.) Stimulus-Recovery-Adaptation (SRA)
    5.) Variation
    6.) Phase Potentiation
    a.) Sub-Principle: Adaptive Decay
    7.) Individual Difference
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    Honestly, sounds like something a bunch of people could benefit from reading. Myself included
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    I’ve listened to the Juggernaut podcasts and the Mike Isratel interviews. They cover this stuff pretty well if you listen to their content. 8m sure their book is just a better compilation of that. Definitely good stuff.
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    I was just gonna say something similar...I like Mike Isratel, and this sounds like a compilation of things you can find on his channel / podcasts. Not necessarily a bad thing.
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    Mike I. is great. Best thing I learned from him was volume and fatigue management (MRV ...). I think this is kinda what he is known the most for. Also AMPK and mTOR pathways. First time that I've heard an actually good explanation on why cardio directly hinders muscle growth.
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