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    Not good! Another big one down.

    "מר ישראל" לשעבר ואדם נוסף נעצרו בחשד לניהול רשת לייצור והברחת סטרואידים

    Google Translate:

    Former Mr. Israel and another man were arrested on suspicion of running a network for the production and smuggling of steroids
    The police and tax authorities arrested the two suspects overnight following an investigation conducted on the basis of information obtained from the US Drug Enforcement Authority. The main suspect is Elad Ferman, who was previously known as "Mr. Israel"

    The Tax and Police Authority arrested two suspects on suspicion of running an international network of production, distribution and smuggling of anabolic steroids (hormones that promote muscle and bone development) and counterfeit drugs worldwide. Eyal Cohen, the Rishon Lezion Magistrate's Court, extended their remand by eight days after the investigation team requested that the detention be extended by 10 days.

    The investigation was opened, among other things, following information received by the Israeli authorities from the DEA, the US Drug Enforcement Authority. In addition to the two detainees, another suspect is being interrogated in the offices of the Tax Unit of the Tax Authority. Further arrests are expected.

    The main suspect in the affair is Elad Ferman, who specializes in bodybuilding and was previously crowned "Mr. Israel". According to the arrest request, Ferman heads the illegal activity of marketing anabolic steroids through a Web site, with the target audience being customers from abroad, mainly from the US Another suspect in the case, Lior Harush Shapira, is also suspected of serving as one of the chain's leaders.

    For the purpose of their criminal activity, the suspects used false names and / or straw people. According to Ferman, represented by attorney Ronen Rosenblum, Shapira, represented by attorney Kobi Ben Shaya, marketing the steroid under the brand SCIROXX, when the products are smuggled from Israel in a false statement under the guise of cosmetics by EMS mail Fast) and under pseudonyms. The money from overseas sales came to Israel on the names of straw men, by courier, Western Union and Manny Gram, and the names of straw men, raw materials for the manufacture of steroids, were smuggled into Israel, falsely stating the contents of the packages.

    The findings of the investigation point to extensive illegal business activity conducted by the suspects, which does not report to the tax authorities. There is also suspicion of serious offenses against the Income Tax Ordinance, the VAT Law, the Customs Ordinance, the Prohibition of Money Laundering Law and the Penal Law - Life Risk.

    During the searches at Fermann's manufacturing plant, illegal substances were seized and tens of thousands of pills were tested for anabolic steroids. In Fermann's home, luxury vehicles were estimated at hundreds of thousands of shekels each, as well as equipment that ties him to suspicions.

    The hidden investigation, which lasted about a year, is managed by the Diamond Unit in cooperation with the Customs and VAT Investigations Department in Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Police Station, the Money Laundering Prohibition Authority, the Intelligence Unit of the Israel Tax Authority and the Foreign Operations Coordination Unit of the Israel Police.

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    Damn. Sciroxx was on a lot of boards so this will be quite the bombshell.
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    Wow.... An OG source.
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    I did not think they were based In Israel. Thanks mands for share this new
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    Didn’t know the tribe would be involved in aas. Lol
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    Israelis have had a history steeped in the drug trade. Take MDMA for example. They used to use rabbis to import tons of it under their robes when flying. This money maker still exists for them to this day. I'm sure it's not the only enterprise they have as a people, either.
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    The DEA / FDA has been working with their counterparts in Israel to bust Sciroxx since at least 2011.

    I wrote the following article about this back in March 2013, perhaps worth revisiting:

    Sciroxx – Long-Arm of Steroid Law Enforcement Takes Interest

    The feds confirmed they were working with Israeli authorities to bust Sciroxx in several DOJ press releases including the following one in April 2013:

    Coventry Man Sentenced To Federal Prison In International Conspiracy To Import And Distribute Anabolic Steroids And Prescription Drugs

    "United States Attorney Peter F. Neronha and Mark Dragonetti, Special Agent in Charge of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Criminal Investigation, acknowledged the assistance of international counterparts at the Israel Ministry of Health, Division of Enforcement and Inspection, and Jerusalem Customs and VAT who provided significant assistance in the investigation of this matter."​

    Of course, these things take time but the long-arm of U.S. law enforcement is persistent once a foreign national trafficking steroids to U.S. consumers appears on the radar.
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    Thank you millard, it’s very Interesting. It is incredible how the authorities in USA be able to arrest, traffickers on other continents. I’m in EU and this things don’t happened... no one nation open investigations for a trivial thing, like steroid traffic, in other states (eu or not eu) the investigations remain circumscribed in the same country, where steroids have been found. maybe in eu, there's little money for investigations or maybe steroids are considered not serious crimes (Fortunately).
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    One of the troubling things, about all these busts, are the details that seem to be given up by the accused. Names, shipping/stealth methods, shipping agencies, etc..... Pretty soon there will be no stealth or reasonably reliable shipping.
    Then prices are going to get out of reach for lots of people because of the difficulties.
    And how many customer's names get found by investigators? It seems to be getting scarier by the week.
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    Even scarier if these sources do not employ security measures to protect data. Nowadays even secure iPhones can be cracked fairly easily for example.

    Also shippers who ship to USA are required to declare what is shipped and inspections are even more invasive. This means more seizures.

    And of course when supply is disrupted yes prices will rise.
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    Since Israel is one of our strongest allies this bust was to be expected.

    However only a collaborative DEA/FDA effort in China, the primary source of raws, is likely to influence AAS prices.

    And based upon the already strained China/US trade relations that isn't going to happen any time soon IMO
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    Very good point.
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    Moral of the story PAY YOUR TAXES :)
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    And we could well see MORE Chinese raws shipping out and US Customs would be tied up in knots.

    No matter what country you live in.
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    Another catch 22 as many of yesteryears mob bosses were busted for not paying taxes on ill-gotten gains.
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    I was thinking the same thing while reading the article....everyone wants their hand in the cookie jar.
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    Somebody’s got Netflix :p
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    How ironic it took the cash strapped state of Kalifonea so long to realize they have two rational options, incarcerate or fine MJ users or control/TAX it’s distribution.

    On second thought there’s only
    ONE rational option IMO!

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    These guys are still wide open selling on the forums acting as if nothing happened. Was this a true story or something made up by competition?