Sciroxx Hgh Review?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by cobra500, Jul 2, 2013.

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    cobra500 Member

    I'm curious if anyone has used Sciroxx hgh yet and what your opinions are? Is it the real deal, anyone get bloods done?
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    skofan Member Supporter

    currently there are too many problems with scrioxx products for me personally to buy them, especially a product as expensive as hgh.
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    johnnyBALLZ Member

    I've been interested as well cobra.. I've asked a few times in the SF thread if anyone's tried it but no response.

    I was shorted on all the products I got from them, vials and tabs. If they cut corners with their HGH that would add up to a lot of money real quick..
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    Mike Oxbig

    Mike Oxbig Member

    Sciroxx is screwing people over on their injectables that cost almost nothing to produce. What does that $80 vial cost in raw materials to a source that purchases in massive bulk quantities? Maybe $6-$7? Apparently that's just TOO large of an investment to them, they would rather opt short customers to literally save one or two dollars in raw materials.

    Do you honestly think their HGH of all things is actually going to be worth a shit?
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    GigaloRob Member

    One would reasonably assume that if the less expensive items are having corners cut, then the HGH is most certainly also.
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    Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    If it's "generic GH", which I've NO DOUBT it is, you will be fortunate to get anything close (like legitimate rHGH) to what you paid for.

    If you want to run GH the only way to go is pharm grade.

    There is no other way to ensure a specific quality is received AND maintained over time versus some lame "batch to batch" variance, (another way of saying the product was "cut" or "stepped on" excessively), LMAO!

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    MythotiK Member Supporter

    Not too many docs giving scripts for HGH either !!!
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    johnnyBALLZ Member

    ^^^ Yea, especially to a 28 year old..
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    Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    One of the few sites that sells the real McCoy is GETM. (I'm NOT a GETM agent or am I pushing/endorsing their products)

    It is not cheap but it's legit based on personal experience AND a HPLC I had performed.

    When it comes to GH leave no doubt, you get exactly what you pay for OR much LESS!

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    Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    Oh, I should mention, the quality control of even PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE rHGH manufactured anywhere in Asia (China in particular) and the Middle East (especially India and Pakistan) varies considerably from one "lot to another".

    Probably because the GH black market has infiltrated the manufacturing facilities of even pharm grade medications especially high end products such as GH!

    For this reason VERY FEW if any (as of two weeks ago) insurance companies will reimburse patients for the rHGH purchased in these areas. There are a couple exceptions such as residence with limited access or AD military.

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    Stretch Member

    I encourage everyone to head to IMF and look at the 100s of testing results on generic GH; the numbers speak for themselves.

    The numbers fluctuate. Generic doesnt compare to human grade for consistency. But, damn. The prices to run a good pharm grade GH cycle are astronomical.

    You want the cheapest way to get a legitimate 100iu??? Research and buy a quality generic....which right now means....rips or might have to inject 200iu of labeled product to reach 100iu of ACTUAL product. But since you can buy generic for 1/5 the price this presents little problem to me. And I should add. You might also only inject 75iu of labeled product and receive 100iu of ACTUAL product. Because tests have proven that the quality control thing actually does cut both ways. Some guys test higher on generics than pharm.

    I dont think China is devoid of even one businessman with the sense to realize he could make more selling a legitimate product than he could by fucking everyone. In my opinion, riptropin or hygetropin have proven to be quality brands. Through 100s of blood tests, and a few HPLC as well.

    I am running hyges right now and theyre great. But I got them from a trusted supplier. NOT someone who sells counterfeits or leaves them roasting in his trunk in 90° weather. (No I cant share the source)

    70-80% of gh coming from China is crap.

    The remaining 20-30% is legit. But then this number gets cut by 50% again because of shitty suppliers and shitty logistics. GH is extremely fragile, its easy to mess up what could have been a great product to begin with.

    Just my .02. And yes I stand to gain financially from a positive public perception of generics. Which is why I didnt mention my brand.
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    cobra500 Member

    I'm not saying I disagree, but someone had to have tried it, at least I would think.
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    cobra500 Member

    Which one of their HGH products did you use?

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