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    I made mention to @AnTabolic73 that I was thinking of doing a thread on raw suppliers now that ppl is compromised. Not certain how well received this will be but figured I would give it a shot. Also I named the thread so because I did not care to just say “raws”

    The fact that individuals are going to be looking for raws and feel lost with no navigation might make them roll the dice with ppl. Hopefully that can be avoided. Just want to list what is out there and the general consensus of feedback on these labs that I have found in my travels for the displaced home brewers.

    Many of these are on paid boards so positive glowing reviews may not mean shit so I tried to look at all or any bad reviews or discrepancies to try to get a feel for that lab while cross referencing it with any other info from other boards. This shit is tedious and annoying to say the least.

    Hope I do not ruffle any feathers with a thread like this. Raws aren’t generally discussed on most boards worth a fuck and although meso is an open board nobody really gets in deep discussion around here either.

    First & foremost:

    PPL - Domestic raided and busted by DEA & homeland security ... no bueno

    YuanSen - (said to be scammers on bop or hu)

    Pharmade - they do not keep good track of inventory, possible poor shipping? Mixed reviews on pm .... but @janoshik did test a customers sustanon250 raws and came back at an 98% a few other powder tests done but none by jano that I’m aware of.

    Greenward/DragonO (sst src they had @janoshik do testing for them. The results are of sept 17 - no other independent testing submitted thus far)

    Kylin raws - was around on the old reddit sst. Reports of bunk raws.

    Armanianabolics (expensive domestic raws)

    Srhealthtech - scammers bunk raws

    Brucegroup - hit or miss. Reviews say good raws. Other boards say bunk raws. They’ve been around for a long time.

    MAO - hit or miss. they were said to be a second string powder supplier when they first hit the scene. Supposedly supplied the legendary (lol) pinnacle labs (not the original)

    Landmark - hit or miss, retains customer info, shipping and communication issues at times. Higher prices. They been around for a while.
    @LordSamuilo & @ickyrica both have had positive reviews recently.

    XJPharm (they went private I guess the old email is just an auto reply from KL/Leo)

    Hupharm - snakes, share privacy info, mis shipments of new customers order (damage box leaking oils) to past customers then asks old customer to further ship to new customer beware.

    Thebrewkit - hi Tom, bye Tom

    pureraws & bulkraws - never got around to searching anout them in-depth they are both on sponsored boards with similar price lists.

    Anabolic-hormones (good reviews on bop but well it is bop)

    Crazysteroids - gets good reviews on all of the paid boards. Also seen a thread on them from an Aussie board which I do not believe they sponsor. Good reviews there. Someone came to meso as their rep and got ran off. Too much broken English and muddy communication where on those other boards whomever is communicating for them is clearly not the same person.

    I came across a few more but those places sold by the kg and I would assume that if you were buying by the kg this thread would be completely useless to you already.

    Might add more later. Tired of looking as of now.
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    There was a batch of AAS (pretty much all compounds) 1-6 months ago that was trash. Many good sources and good people got burned real bad.

    I think something went wrong in the factory that supplied multiple 'raw sources.'

    As far as I can tell, the situation is gone, but I'd beware of the distributors who keep very big stockpile.
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    At least most PPL raws are pretty good.
    And quality will likely remain good in the int'l source, for the foreseeable future.

    Their only problems are:
    1 Dom down
    2 perceived risk in the int'l one (overblown IMO)

    You can travel to another country where is legal and safely order PPL stuff.

    What manufacturer/source was that?
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    Good post .
    There are a couple of private sources, or sources that don't necessarily advertise raws that sell them. It will take some asking on your part, not to me for fucks sake, but to your source. If they're a reseller probably not, but I it's there label then there's a possibility.
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    Looked into chrisroids a while back, good price and offered samples. Never was confident enough to pull the trigger though. Even told him to make an account here, he said he did but the account was never approved.
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    Any thoughts on AASRaw? I haven't seen them discussed in too many boards but they have good selection including vitamins and nootropics. I just requested pricing but haven't received specifics yet. They claim to be both a manufacturer and to third-party lab test every batch.

    One concern I have with all raw suppliers is the possibility of heavy-metal contamination, which isn't tested for in the standard assays. Is there a way to filter and remove this at the end-user level?
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    1 No factory in the world can manufacture all steroids.
    They just specialize in some of them.

    2 They seem totally UG oriented
    They even include muscle mecca, Meso and hardcore UG logos in their websites.

    3 No mention of raws meeting any pharmacopoeia
    standards, the most important thing for pharma ingredients

    4 Lots of info on how to use their gear for BBing.

    5 So being totally UG oriented, they can and possibly do lie on their quality control.

    As for heavy metals
    you can find a quality control in your area, tell them that you want to test a food grade preservative for heavy metals.
    Likely they'll use ICP equipment that looks for heavy metals but can't identify the powder as an steroid itself.

    Just make up something like you're ready to scale up your homemade BBQ sauce or apple marmalade and want to make sure preservatives are top notch quality to match your organic ingredients.
    Problem solved.
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    If a lab can synthesize one hormone why couldn't they do others? Do you really think these manufacturers are only producing one compound? Just the drugs we use is numbers in the 100s of compounds when you take them all into consideration, and you think that each manufacturer is specializing in one or two compounds.

    Your also recommending members send illegal drugs to random labs to test for heavy metals, because there's no way they will identify the compound prior to further testing. Your advice is fucking worse and worse.
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    Yeah...he's a resident flat earth guy. Missing a chromosome or 5
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    I know, I dont understand why he is even here. He doesnt contribute anything accept for shit that drops my IQ with each of his posts I read. He has a thread right now basically stating he crashed his e2, and he is asking if he should lower his dose of letro. I like how meso doesn't ban many people, but his posts are just a waste of bandwidth.
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    There's a couple guys like him here . Everything about the guy erks me . Like fingernails on a chalkboard . But he gets to stay.
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    Same here, most members I can ignore, but for some reason his posts always irritate me. Unfortunately him staying is part of what makes this board so great.
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    I'm right there with ya man.
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    I've seen YuanSen on promuscle but not too much feedback. Their prices are low as hell so I'm guessing the purity isn't too high on their raws. But I could be completely wrong
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    While I was thinking of something clever to call you, I realized your name is NOT Robfrogma, but Robfromga. So I'll not make a name, but I would like to know how you feel about me.

    Masterofnoone questioned my name one time after I stated something about never running 10grams of tren before, I responded it's just a name. He didnt reply and it left me feeling sad and alone. I at that point questioned myself, what I was doing at meso, and what I was doing in life.

    That guys a bitch :(

    But you

    You look like you need your frog shit pushed in :)

    Hope this made some sense love y'all ❤️
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    Happy I’m not the only one that though it was robfrogma. Took me over a year to realize lol guess I just never read it closely and let the frog avi get to my head.
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    BUT. He did compile xkawns posts into a brewing "bible" lol. And that shit helped me getting into home brew.
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    Copy and paste king.
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    I'd love to see some feedback on this Heracles Wholesale company. Problem with them, is they're min for all Tests is a KG. Other things are 500g min... but good prices on bulk Test