Second cycle and recover chronic injuries

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    First cycle was test only at 500mg.

    Second cycle 250/250 test c/deca. I was thinking 16-20 weeks. Standard pct of raloxifene. Stopping deca 9 says before test. Pct 1 week after last pin of test. Ralox standard dosage, prami on hand. I’d rather not use a higher dosage of deca.

    My question:
    I. is one pin a week enough for deca? I don’t mind pinning twice, but is it necessary?
    II. I need to heal some chronic Injuries, hence deca. Is the relief permanent?

    Please use this thread to talk about your THERAPUTIC experiences with deca. Advise is always appreciated. Mention every drug in your cycle, if you used more than test and deca. Thanks guys. Hoping to heal from some injuries which have actually started cause depression.
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    If you pct I would not use the deca. I would use NPP. You will get the results faster and can run it 8-10 weeks. You wont have to run deca for 12 weeks and wait a month for to start PCT. That’s 16+ week total shutdown compared to 10~ weeks. You will recover your natty test better and can jump back on cycle faster. The only drawback is it’s 1-2 extra pins a week.
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    I have physical therapy for 5 months. Hence the deca. Also, npp is very hard to acquire at this moment. Considering those restrains, how’s the pct look?
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    Most agree on the forum the nandrolone helps injuries but is only a bandaid.

    Get some bitcoin and head to the underground section here on Meso. We have some good sources right now.

    Your PCT looks bad. 20 weeks on nandrolone. That’s gonna be a rough start up even with a solid PCT. It’s not about dose for better recovery it’s about how long you been shutdown. So someone that blasts twice as much NPP compared to your 250mg of deca for 8 weeks compared to 20 weeks. Will recover better and can jump back on faster.
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    What injuries are you referring to? It's extremely unlikely you'll get much any healing from using deca, and if you do I would not expect the minimal amount of benefits to last.

    Your pct protocol is horrible.

    If you want to heal, take physical therapy seriously and look into more wellness related activities... Depending on your injuries, that could range from tissue massage, mobility work, even changing your diet to focus on reducing inflammation.

    Expecting much from deca in the long term is probably going to lead to significant disappointment... From personal experience, I encountered more injuries during my first nandrolone cycle than any other cycle I've ever done. The only thing that helped was doing a lot of physical therapy work and continuing that on my own as preventative maintenance. Reading material from Dr Kelly Starret and Dr Aaron Horshig was also very helpful.
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    I’ll check out the ug sections. Thanks bro. If you would like to pm me a good source,
    that’d be incredibly generous