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    I am getting ready to start my second cycle, for the first cycle I used:
    Anavar/50 milligrams/day
    test C/500 milligrams/week
    Anastrozole 1mg/day for duration of cycle and pct.
    For about 10 weeks, followed with clomid for PCT. I really liked it the results considering the anavar help with shedding fat yet with the combination I still had really nice gaines. I'm not really trying to get huge I'm more looking for Quality muscle and to retain as much as I can. That being said I'm wanting to do the same cycle again with this time added hcg and nolva with the Clomid for PCT.

    My question is when to add the HCG in the cycle. I have read different opinions some say with anavar you should use HCG throughout the duration of the cycle, others say at 4 weeks or with PCT.
    I'm also looking to use HGH and would like opinions on that as well... Thanks
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    Using hcg during pct sounds like some rich piana bullshit. Avoid.

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    You either have the worst aromatization of anyone I know or your adex was bunk if you ran 1mg per day on that cycle. Second, if you recovered properly, and confirmed this with bloodwork before and after your cycle , why are you looking to / what do you seek to gain by changing your pct protocol? Everything you've asked is fairly easy to find information with basic search skills, whether that be here or on the entire world wide Web. Good luck.
  4. AndroPhil

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    As far as the ana, I've read both use .5 to 1 milligram and I would personally rather avoid gyno altogether even if it means using a little extra. I got plenty of it.
  5. Dw725

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    I understand that but have you gotten bloodwork to check where your estrogen actually is? The .5 to 1 mg is usually dosed eod rather than ed. Low or "crashed" estradiol can have its own set of problems for your health.
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    1mg ed adex on 500 mg test.. Waaay overkill.. I don't even use that on 1000+mg test and various other goodies
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    Use nolva with arimidex instead of reducing your estrogen to much and get wrecked.