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Discussion in 'Security, Privacy & Anonymity' started by tenpoundsleft, May 30, 2018.

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    I've switched to the Brave browser (on Android phone) over the past month or so - for the reduced advertising but also to decouple Google from what I do online. I've also started to use Bing as my search engine for the same reason.

    Oddly, for the past two days I now cannot post on Meso while using Brave. Clicking post doesn't do anything. I'm posting this using Chrome, grrrr.

    Anyone else using Brave? Same problems?
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    @tenpoundsleft I'm using Brave on my android. Seems to be fine.

    Maybe delete Brave and reinstall?
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    Also may want to choose DuckDuckGo from the search engine list instead. No tracking or logging of your searches but get same results as Google search.
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  4. My browser does similar stupid shit. For example, i can't upload any files with it, to any site.

    If i hit upload a file, i get a list of apps to chose from and a little notice box that says "not all file choosers work".
    Then when i choose a file, nothing happens. :mad:

    i'm then forced to jump to Chrome for it to work. Pain in the god damn ass!
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