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  1. I was wondering more about the security of the MESO in-house PM/Chat systems...
    without going into too much detail that could potential be dangerous for members, my primary discussion points are:

    -Are pms/chat person to person?
    -Does MESO staff filter pms for potentially dangerous content and/or links?
    -Does MESO staff ever read member PMs?
    (b)-and if so under what circumstances?
    -Are pms/chat archived and for how long?

    I understand most of these questions can be complicated and offer lengthy responses. Im not so much interested in discussing technical data and parameters. The aim for starting this thread is to illustrate to members that they should be wary of sharing anything under the assumptions that the public system is 100% secure and private. My personal belief is that was not the intended purpose, and such beliefs would be a great assumption.

    @Millard Baker
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    Lemme sub this bitch:D
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  4. You might not like the answer to these questions , TEK . Ive wondered them myself .
    Maybe we are all under the microscope....o_O
  5. This stems from a general lack of knowledge/interest from members to protect themselves. In no way am I trying to make assumptions or accusations towards MESO for lack of security. The point I am trying to illustrate is that members fail to recognize that the responsibility falls on the user to operate with good judgement on what is or isn't in their own best interest.

    Meso is a platform that we were given as a community to share ideas with like minded individuals. With an open community and the services provided like the PM/chat systems, sometimes there are unintended consequences. Point being, if anyone is sharing sensitive information that could potentially create risk for the user via the community systems...they need to proceed forward under the understanding it's at their own risk.
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    Iv been thinking the same thing
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    Ive never once thought about this......ever
  8. You see where my stance is...but sometimes when I talk about security guys look at me like Ted Cruz when he talks about religion. This is more of a public service announcement that if people are out there fuckin around, they better get right or at least know they are operating at their own discretion of whats best for them.

    That's why I opened the floor for discussion
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    Is there a way to delete your whole pm inbox
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    So who would have the abilities to veiw your pms
  11. I wonder about information gathering and trading . Plus someones making a tidy profit off our conversations , and it sure isnt us . :rolleyes:
  12. The people running this show , who else ?
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    I was having a pretty good
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  14. -
    "Does MESO staff ever read member PMs?"

    Of course they do , but do they save them ? Then later trade or pass-on this info ?
  15. lol...ever heard of pleading the 5th?

    I dont know about a way to do a total sweep, what I do know that may be of interest to members is that the good thing about PMs is that unlike posts, you CAN edit them anytime. So a workaround for someone other than yourself that may have posted a lil too much about their favorite ice cream flavor would be to go to the sensitive messages and select "edit" can't delete messages but you can put something like a simple "." or "x" as a placeholder ;)
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  16. I dont know that is true or not and cant make educational guesses on that. The important point to illustrate is that guys should not abuse the PM platform Meso has so graciously provided us
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    What exactly is "abuse" of the pm system?
  18. ah here in lies the question I guess...
    maybe that was off topic?

    maybe a better way to put it is who is ultimately responsible for our own protection? Do members feel MESO is responsible to protect them from themselves? I dont feel comfortable posting anything here whether public or private that I wouldnt want on the front page of the paper. Am I too paranoid? or are guys too lax?

    I suspect the truth is somewhere in between.
    What are your thoughts Rob?
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    Great Points TEK.. No one should trust their sensitive info in a PM. Everyone should use secure email and their fucking heads :eek:

    Although thinking about this, If the staff were reading the PM's they should know of solicitations from sources that are unwanted here, and these sources would be banned right away. However, it would be nice to know the truth on this so I can remove those sex videos from my inbox.

    I would like to think MESO does not have the funds to employ people to read through our PMs, however I also like to think Jessica Alba is my girlfriend (girl in my sex tapes).. And that obviously is not true (yet....) A man's gotta dream...:rolleyes:
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  20. what about this....
    has Meso staff ever been requested to provide records to LE?
    what is their stance on that?
    If they fought for members privacy...and lost, then were forced to surrender saved data on servers. If members were entangled, do members blame MESO?

    I surely wouldnt.
    Guys need to use their own discretion.
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