Security of In-house PM/Chat systems

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    That is an even better question. I wouldn't blame them either, definitely use your own discretion. Loose Lips Sink Ships..
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    Idk id blame them I have never cooperated with police when I lived like that they know there job and I know mine meso new the risks when they started it
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  3. Millard Baker

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    The answers are really short...

    -Are pms/chat person to person?


    -Does MESO staff filter pms for potentially dangerous content and/or links?


    -Does MESO staff ever read member PMs?

    NO. NEVER in 20+ years.
    (b)-and if so under what circumstances?


    -Are pms/chat archived and for how long?

    Until both participants delete them.
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    What about the question about LE
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    An idiot speaking without evidence.
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  6. Millard Baker

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    <<has Meso staff ever been requested to provide records to LE?


    <<what is their stance on that?

    MESO would only provide data if compelled by a valid court in the appropriate jurisdiction.
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  7. Thanks MB

    Sorry to make something out of nothing if you feel like this discussion is unwarranted. I just personally believe members should take their own security in their own hands, I trust the MESO staff but also believe that at the end of the day it's up to the user to use common sense.
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    Your such a fuckin dick:D

  9. Idiot huh ? Yes Officer ! Do you work with LE ? o_O
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    I know meso doesnt read my pms
    Cuz with all the terrible horrible slander i call millard in private i know he would of banned me a long time ago. Either that or hes got the patience of a saint:p
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    Your not you when your hungry
    Eat a snickerso_O
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  12. TEK asked the same questions , I just asked Millard pointblank if he provides forum PM"s or conversations to LE ? Legitimate questions . He didnt answer . And yes we members with popular threads provide someone with some extra revenue .
  13. OdieM

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    Curious as how a popular thread would generate revenue.
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    You made statements. TEK asked questions.
  15. The same as the forum generates income . Readership , the more popularity and membership the more income . You should know this Odie ...
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    Man come on bro. Millard gets all the credit for Meso. It's popular because of the way he set it up. This is a no bullshit uncensored board. I hear what your saying but I don't feel just because someone made a thread that they are putting money in anyone's pockets. I sure didn't join over a single thread. Lol
  17. Not one thread but all of them combined. You say Meso doesnt generate income ?
  18. OdieM

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    Not because of me or any one with a large thread. Millard built it and they came. I just think it's very wrong for anyone of us to take credit for the success of this place and feel that's what's being said here. Sure there's money involved through sponsors and advertising. Whippty doo. The guy should get paid.
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    Online Traffic generates money
  20. Eman

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    I sure hope it does. It is a business. A business that could have easily gone under. Further, I am willing to bet few members have any clue what Millard put on the line to make it a success and the professional failures that occurred prior to its success.
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