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    hello I would like to dedicate a thread entirely to IT/phone/computer/bitcoin/email/anonymous security. Please bring all information you can forward.

    I am not an IT major, but i'm beginning to find IT security fun especially as I'm beginning to learn how to code at a more intermediate level.

    i think the following video is the best iv found yet on the topic and puts things in the right direction toward setting up a fool proof system.

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    I would also like it if this thread encompassed things such as physical delivery, physical receipt, cell phone security, federal analog act, controlled substance act, US Synthetic Drug Control Act of 2015 (this one is scary), etc.

    I'd also be interested in other forums that delve into the more technical ends of things regarding what the thread theme is, so feel free to post them / quote their threads / post urls to other forums.

    I think we as human beings are being oppressed under the tyranny of governments, so we should be as informed as possible about everything.
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    Theres actually I whole subforum for this bro. Security, Privacy, and Anonimity
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    @Millard Baker

    could you please transfer this thread to proper subforum, sorry was not paying attention when i posted.
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    interesting... 9/11 was an inside job according to this documentary, but by bin laden's men, they had infiltrated the CIA/FBI

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    Some of those conspiracy theories get a little too wild, I feel like you can make anything look any way you want if you try and believe hard enoughm