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    Placing my first order after 4 year break. Now that I'm a little older and wiser im thinking about security more. I use Tor browser for everything gear related. Countermail for communicating. And I'm thinking about using a fake name with my actual address. I once used my real name for packages fearing that the carrier would not deliver to my address with another persons name of it. Is this true? Or I'm I being too paranoid and should use my real name on the shipment? I'm placing a size-able order so I'd hate to lose all those funds.
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    Well if it's being delivered to your box and you open the package, it won't legally matter whose name is on it if you get busted. That said, unless you are believed to be dealing the authorities are never going to allow the stuff to make it as far as your mailbox.

    As for whether or not you will get the package with a fake name, the answer is: It's highly likely that you will (though I'm still uncertain as to what that would achieve since they have your real address). I have often mailed packages out to people with fake names and they have received them just fine. These packages contained nothing illegal - just some people like yourself who were afraid to give a real name to an internet seller, but more than willing to hand out their address.
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    False. Some post offices will best thing to do is mail your self letters with the fictitious name. See if it gets delivered also sign up for junk mail under that name as well. If you got caught at least you have the defense of saying its not yours. Pick up the book legal muscle there are a few chapters on this subject I feel are very informative.
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    *****I've used a secure email, and fake name & real address for many months , no issues at all. Even with signature packages. you have the right plan bro. You will be fine bro
    Just my 2 cents.......they (postal service)never know if someone moved in and is receiving mail at a current address, it's the world we're in, be as safe as possible and remember that they want big fish ......not us guppies.
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    Perhaps placing small orders instead rather than really sizeable ones will have a better chance of getting under the radar.