Seeking advice on SARM Stacks. LGD/Ostarine/Cardanine ?


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I'm a noob when it comes to SARMs. I've done a little research but I was wondering what would your opinions be on a stack such as:

LGD 4033 - 10mg a day
Ostarine - 25mg a day
Cardanine - 20mg a day

To note: I'm currently on a Test Enanthate cycle (600mg/week). Would it be worth throwing it in there before I finish or after?


i tried lgd but i think its a bullshit, they can shut you down for a few gains (maybe?! ) and they arent cheap.
There is no reason to take sarms instead of roids.
Add some oral to test like dbol, tbol, anavar or peptides like cjc dac or igf1, they are the same price but much much better
My advice is don't take that junk. They'll shut you down just like steroids will and you won't get the same gains.

There's also the small problem of SARMS having next to zero studies done on them in humans. Nobody really knows what kind of havoc they'll wreak on your body.