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    Hello everyone. One of my clients who I have been training for about 2 years got a Seizure letter from customs this week. She told me that the package never came but a letter was sent to her.

    I never ran into this with anyone but I have herd stories of it. I'm so happy that I get my goods locally. I am not allowed give her my source .

    What should tell her? She use to go with NAPS but not any more due to this seizure. She was planing to do Anavar and NPP. How long should she wait before she orders from her new supplier and have it shipped to the same address as the seizure letter went to? Days, months, years, other?
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    Most that get seizure letters don’t run into any issues and have their packages reshipped. As long as it’s not a large order they’re more than likely not going to waste their time taking any action.

    Wether they keep a database and red flag addresses due to seizures is controversial. Chances are she’ll be fine with her next order and stealth shipping is always a good option if the source offers it
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    Nice glutes
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    Thank you. It's from lots of training, hard work and many cycles.
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    PM sent.

    Anyone could have had gear sent to your client's address using her name so they could stop by and steal the parcel off her front porch before she got home from work. Happens all the time. Have her set up a temporary PO box for a few months to receive shipments.

    I never understood those that said "stay domestic" so go ahead and enlighten me. She got a seizure letter; so what. Name is now in a database; so what; its already in a lot of other databases. And as I said above she didn't order anything someone else was just using her name and address. If she was ordering on her own one would think that her personal information is on a server overseas hopefully in a nefarious country outside the reach of all the Eyes. Versus a domestic course where all the info is on a server in a closet on main street usa. For me its a remote chance of getting intercepted and receiving a meaningless letter vs a 100% of having name turned over if a local source is popped.
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    Find out what she wants, Buy it from your source and sell it to her for double. Win win.
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    Moral of the story...don’t fuck with NAPS
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    They still around?

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    I guess. The OP said she went through NAPS until this seizure...
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    Not to sound like an attack on the OP, but good she learned now why Naps is so toxic these days. Domestic is the way to go (at least for now) as international sources are under attack by customs here.
  11. Savagesteve

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    Really it’s easier to just stay away from shit that comes through the west coast...and not go through a source that stores personal Information lol
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    Sounds like some shitty packaging or someone watching NAPS. You usually don't just make 1 order for a cpl bullshit things and have it snagged
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    It's all the fentanyl coming through. They check just about everything from certain areas at some ports. Big initiative to save the white suburbanites who might od on some good shit... operation KEEP THE HEROIN UNDERDOSED lol.
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    If you got a letter you're straight, the address might be flagged but she's fine. That's called a "Love Letter", it's basically saying "don't do this again!". If she legit was in trouble she would have gotten a knock at the door. Customs is A LOT easier on pharma importants from what I understand.
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    Yeh the fent is fuckin everything up its all over the local papers near me talkin specifically about cracking down on shipment comming through from china

    HIGHRISK Member

    You do know to set up a PO Box you have to show ID right?
  17. Pretty easy to get a legit looking, scannable ID these days. Plenty of websites for them. Hell, a friend told me that you can even buy steroids online. i think he was just messing with me though.
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    Literally lol
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    I frame the letters and put up on my wall like degrees ;)
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    Has nothing to do with naps. Shit gets seized all the time from all the vendors.. tell her to order domestic
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