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    I would not do the po box route personally.
    You're on camera there and if they're watching the box here you come picking up steroids.
    The camera footage becomes evidence and
    Good luck explaining how somebody was using your box to order illegal drugs but that person wasn't you.

    Plus if Leo is interested in you that much you'll be getting handed a search warrant for your house anyways.

    So why not stick with the possibility that it was a scumbag trying to snatch it from your porch when you was at work?

    With the "it's somebody else" route hopefully you ordered them using a vpn and paid with Bitcoin so the police shouldn't have the evidence to get a judge to sign a warrant to search your house. All they have is what led them to this delivery.
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    Getting the PO Box sound like exactly the opposite of what you should do. Its almost going out of your way to lose the only defense you have.
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    Doesn't ordering domestic have its risks as well? If the source gets busted and they have your info?
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    If the source is worth a fuck they won’t store any Information...
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    tbh every other int ive knoen to be placed by ppl close to mw has been snagged, then reshipment goes thru lol
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    I wiped my ass with one of the 80 or so in the last 21 years and mailed it back to them.
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    haha :D
    yeah fck them -- we are supposed to have freedom -- what happened to all the "my body , my choice" -- where is the media outrage that my freedom is infringed upon?
  8. Millard Baker

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    So... are you saying there are no sources worth a fuck?

    How would you know they don't store any info anyway? Because they tell you so?

    Based on court documents I've read over the years, it seems like almost every busted domestic source stores extensive customer data that ends up in the possession of law enforcement.

    I think we can only assume that EVERY source keeps customer data.
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  9. Millard Baker

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    I don't think this is particularly controversial.

    Police will occasionally reveal that customs had seized x number of packages in the years before a source was arrested. The seizures predate the beginning of the investigation.

    This tells me that they keep a detailed record of seizures including names and addresses.
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  10. Would that just be for those that they feel are egregious offenders and/or potential targets for a bust? Such as those that attempt to import a large quantity of raws?

    What about the average user that gets a seizure letter after ordering a few items from Pcom or Naps. Do you think their name will prompt a higher level of scrutiny from customs in the future?
  11. JP1979

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    I'm 0-3 on international. All different names and addys. It's where they come from that is flagged not the end user
  12. Millard Baker

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    I have no idea what it takes to be targeted for a bust. It seems very inconsistent to me. Some are apparently targeted after 1 or 2 seizures. But when it comes to other arrests, authorities apparently had record of 10 to 20 seizures in the previous years.

    I do think powder will always draw more scrutiny whether it involves manufacture for personal or commercial use.
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    If your international orders came from China, there's the problem as packages from China and certain other countries are given extra scrutiny. I've bought non-AAS items direct from China via eBay and the packages have been always opened.
  14. JP1979

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    I have bought a ton of stuff international, the only 3 AAS purchases have all been nabbed were all from same vendor. All different names and addys.
  15. Savagesteve

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    I’m sure many sources store information. I was mainly referring to NAPS that had their data breached and not seized during a bust( to my knowlesge anyways)
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  16. Millard Baker

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    Yeah, I know. I'm not addressing this to you specifically but just found it a convenient way to address the whole source retention of customer data thing. I think the focus of the outrage is misplaced.

    Naps did what practically every source does - he stored customer data. The take-home lesson most people walked away with was 'avoid naps because he stores customer data but use other sources because they don't store customer data'. This is/was/will always be stupid.

    Most, if not all, sources store customer data. Even if they didn't, there is no way for a consumer to verify it as true. So, the ONLY logical thing to do is ASSUME ALL SOURCES store this info.

    The Naps data breach was awful. And Naps will always have to own responsibility for failing to safeguard this data.

    However, the apparent fact that another source stole the data in order to (successfully) harm a competitor is truly reprehensible. Yet no one cared about the pepretrator.

    Putting aside the desired reputational damage, the consequences of unleashing detailed customers records on the Internet was harmful in many ways.

    I guarantee you that dozens of other sources used this data to scrape emails in order to spam potential new customers.

    Thousands of copies are stored on hard drives around the world. This was potentially far worse than LE, WADA or USADA having access to a steroid customer database.

    It's a database that your neighbors, your gym mates, your wife/girlfriend, your current and future employers, etc could use to check up on you. The blackmail potential was also enormous.

    The good news is, years after the fact, I never heard of any horror stories resulting from this, but it could have happened.

    Dwelling on a specific source that stored customer info as if it was a rare and isolated event seems to do more harm than good.

    THEY ALL DO IT. Even if they don't, you should assume they do.

    Only after you accept this can you take steps to really protect yourself.
  17. i remember when that happened. Some story about the hackers brother almost died after using tainted gear from Naps and he was gonna send all the info he stole to DEA and so forth and so on.

    But i never heard anything after that. Could you share what you know or point me in the direction of where i can read more. You have me intrigued.
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  18. Millard Baker

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    I can't immediately find the information that led me to believe the "hackers brother" story was a ruse. But I will keep looking.
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    Ive order many times from naps and never got a package taken. I had a package today that went through ISC. But it all depends where is the port of entry. ISC in nyc is the best. Same day in and out of customs. From what Ive been hearing Chicago is the worst! I have some friends that actually asked naps to send it through ISC NYC and they did it for them.

    I definitely suggest a P.O. box although I rather have them deliver it. Also it all depends on what supplier from naps sent out your package. Some requires signature and others dont.

    Good luck
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    I'm unsure if addresses get flagged. I got 3 seizure letters over the span of a few years and then received 2 or 3 more shipments after it on the same address.

    I think maybe @FLTestlab is right, it can be POE specific. Maybe one POE flagged me but doesn't share that data with other POEs. Government efficiency and all that..
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