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  1. Bc033103

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    Does anyone have any experience with this source? Prices are good but I’m always apprehensive to try a new source without input from others.
  2. Seve

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    I am considering them as well. Heard a few good things. Like I was advised. Go small at first. Nords look good. Still not convinced Jins are real.
  3. Bc033103

    Bc033103 Member

    Looking at the hyges myself just wondering if I should pull the trigger
  4. mattrosich

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    Pull it. And yes jins are real. Great source
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  5. El Capitan

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  6. I put a small order in late Feb and according to tracking it is still bouncing around in place of origin. Just an fyi in case you need something quick (which I don't)..
  7. Bc033103

    Bc033103 Member

    Ok thanks for the heads up
  8. Ambiguous

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    I’d hold off guys. I’m dealing with a similar experience. I think Select himself is ok he’s certainly offers good service— but their postal system seems fucked. I’ll follow up when I know more and can disclose more
  9. Bc033103

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    Ok cool thanks bro. Sucks it’s either the source is good and the mail sucks or the mail is good and the source sucks!
  10. Ambiguous

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    The pros of my situation are — let’s see how Select deals with hiccups or worse.
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  11. Jeffg353

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    If it's been over 40 days they're supposed to reship it.
  12. Jeffg353

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    The Ansomone tested very well n have seen some really good igf-1 results on the jintropin. Haven't used or seen much in the way of the hyges but there's a lot of fakes floating around. Also could be close to expiration date which is y they so cheap right now.

    I'm working on getting another promo code from this fucker but the manager I used to deal with is no longer there so been getting the run around from the new guy.
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  13. Oncewild

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    After talking with jeffg last fall about his experiences, I did an order for few hundred iu’s of a so one from Select. The promo code he had then worked, and while the TA was a bit slower than expected, everything arrived safely. Will be needing to order sometime in the coming weeks, so watching this. Had wanted to give gray or black tops a try, but my intended source appears to have issues presently to say the least. So may be looking back to Select.

    On BOP I noticed they had a warehouse sale in December as they were moving countries. From subsequent posts it looks like their move is complete—but no idea how TA or customer service is these days at all, just what I’ve read here and BOP.
  14. Bc033103

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    My supplier who I’ve used for the last 2 years has had some issues to say the least most likely same source you were looking at. Guess I’ll just have to test the waters blind and see how it goes until I find a new reputable source
  15. Hasn't been over 40 days yet. Tracking showed some strange it has been processed through a bunch of places in country of origin. Not sure what the deal is but it looks like it still hasn't left country of origin yet.
  16. bob hughes

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    I haven’t been following it too closely, but my understanding was that At least one of the two major sources for black and gray tops was compromised, is the other one still operating?
  17. Jeffg353

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    I've finally heard back from this new manager so let me see what I can find out.
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  18. AnTabolic73

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    I'm curious how this turns out. I considered them for some hgh.
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  19. Bc033103

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    I believe from what I’ve heard the other is operating but only to previous customers
  20. Ambiguous

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    And at a 50/50 customs success rate