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    Hey guys, been off gear for about 5 years but now I'm suffering from low testosterone. In a perfect world I would go to the endocrinologist and find out how low my levels are then start TRT. However, this isn't a perfect world and I don't have insurance therefore I'm going to need to take test replacement into my own hands.

    I am planning this regimen by drawing from my years of cycle experience but I am at a disadvantage considering the motivation and desired results are different when on TRT. I also have the disadvantage of treatment being purely symptom driven due to the lack of labs to monitor my serum I go into this eyes wide open and understanding it's not ideal, but it is necessary.

    If I was simply doing a bulking cycle I would be at ease planning my dosage schedule and length as well as ancillary meds I should anticipate needing but I'm in uncharted waters as far as TRT goes. I am obviously thinking a long ester test, either enanthate or cypionate. Do you guys think 200 mg every 12-14 days is a good approach or should I lower the dose and increase injection frequency to something like 100mg/week?

    I am assuming that due to the fact that my levels will be low and I won't be on extremely high doses of multiple derivatives as I would be on a bulking cycle there shouldn't be a need for an AI or SERM but are there any companion meds or supplements commonly suggested in testosterone therapy?

    Length of TRT from what I can conclude is indefinite considering restarting natural production isn't happening so I am leaving the long term plans open for now and take it roughly 6 months at a's probably not a preferred way to approach this but it's the best I can come up with for now.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback you guys can offer.
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    Test E/C 40mg EOD to keep serum level stable
    hcg 100iu ED to remain fertile and assist trt

    No need for AI at TRT levels.

    Start with this and get a blood work after 6 weeks, shouldn't cost you more than 100$ for trt hormonal panel.
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    That sucks you don't have insurance. Because if your test is low enough, you might be able to get on trt. Unfortunately, many doctors are clueless about trt dosage.

    I'd do test e or c every 3.5 days, choose a dose and stick with it until you get bloodwork. After, adjust dose as needed to reach a good trt level.
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    Yea... judging by the way I feel my test levels are without a doubt in the gutter... probably in the 200's or something awful like that!
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    At 47 i had to be under 150 for trt. 151 didnt cut it, next test at 145 got me 200 mg test cyp every two weeks. Ill post my results of this dosage here in a week or so. Labtime again to re up for 6 mls over next 90 days. Bunch of crap, frigging money making scheme. Need to outsource this stuff.
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  6. TRT@40

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    what symptoms are you feeling?
    Is there any way you can get your testosterone, LH and FSH tested before you start self medicating yourself? I ask because there can be other reasons for some of the symptoms that low t shares.
    Just as an FYI, if you have secondary hypogonadism, clomid or hcg is also an option
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    The biggest issue is my complete loss (not a decrease but total loss) of libido! Cannot get, much less maintain a full erection! It's awful! I can deal with the depression and lack of energy but this sexless existence is ruining my marriage. I also would swear I'm seeing some diminishment in cognitive function too (ie: concentration and addressing stressful situations). It's gotten pretty rough bro.

    What do you think? I've experienced testicular atrophy on cycle before and I've lived through many hpta recoveries after cycle...this is much worse than my hardest pct!
  8. TRT@40

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    Sorry to hear you are dealing with all those symptoms; those are all signs of low test. Do you have other issues like stress, or start recreational drugs or prescription meds.

    How old are you brother? And do you want to keep fertility options open? if yes and you have secondary hypogonadism, you need to add hcg and/or clomid to test.

    I wish you were able to get a blood test done before starting 1) to confirm you test is really low and nothing else is the cause of the symptoms you are feeling 2) to figure out if you have primary hypogonadism based on your LH and FSH levels or you have secondary hypogonadism which keeps HCG a usable option for you.

    Do you notice that your testes have shrunk considerably compared to when you did not have the above symptoms?

    I agree test c or e of 150-200mg/wk is sufficient for most people for TRT purposes. You would probably want to inject 3-5 days to keep your test levels reasonably consistent between injections
  9. bigrobbie

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    Thanks for your help so far brother... To start, yes I have always had anxiety issues, but no recreational drug use. I am 42 years young and NO need to worry with fertility (no more kids for me) so that's not an issue. My testes are atrophied but not the most I've seen them but regardless of all that I think you may have a point bringing up HCG! I have to admit I forgot about it!

    Another point you are pushing (with good cause) is my need to get my levels checked. I believe I am going to see what I can do about making that happen. I 100% agree it's important regardless.

    Back to the HCG topic. What would you's been many years since I used it...

    Thanks again for taking the time...
  10. TRT@40

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    When I was doing HCG only for TRT, I was prescribed 1000IUs every other day and my test rose to high end of the normal range. Be careful when using high dose of HCG as you estrogen can skyrocket and will have to take an AI. I think 500ius eod should bring about noticeable changes without too high of estrogen.
    But HCG will only help to increase endogenous test if you testes are still functional. Most people can feel the HCG exerting its function on testes ie tingling/dull pain feeling coming about or testes getting fuller...
    Some users of HCG also report another benefit over test based TRT that it brings on additional well being feeling that is noticeable. I experienced this too myself.
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  11. bigrobbie

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    Thanks brother. I will keep you posted on my search for an affordable lab and my TRT plans etc... you've been a big help.
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    I would forego the HCG altogether and stay on exogenous test indefinitely. I am 42 as well and have been on TRT for 10yrs. 125mgs per week is fine and if you are close to 6ft 220lbs with 15% bodyfat, then it should put you right around 800ng/dl. I wouldnt mess with hcg since the fertility aspect is not an issue. Like others have already stated hcg will mess with your E2 and then may warrant the need for AI. Ai has side effects too so the less drugs the better. If you keep your BF low your E2 should stay put in around the 30 range. 200mgs a week will have you at 1200+ng/dl and that will just raise flags with your Doc (if you ever get a script and get monitored by him). So ya, just keep it @ 100-125mgs a week and feel like a normal human being when youre not doing the occaisional blast in your 40's. No shame in pinning Test for life, a lot of guys are doing it now days.

    And dont get hooked on any anti-anxiety medication. I was on Xanax for a while for sleep issues and it was terrible to get off of. Stay focused in the gym and find some broad to drain your balls once a week and your anxiety issues will disappear before long.
  13. TestiCult

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    This is the best practice no matter what the ester. Constant blood levels let you get the most out of trt. Sleep is better, boners are better, depression will subside. Do this and you will feel much better. I use insulin pins and just go sub-q most of the time, so much more convenient and levels and absorpotion rate have been the same as IM shots.
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    LOL, sounds good bro. And I was on klonapin a few years back and I agree with's a bitch to kick once you get stuck on em.
    I was also wondering if Sustanon or another test blend would be pointless in a TRT situation? I have always just assumed I would use Cyp or Enanthate. Just a thought...
  15. TestiCult

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    Sustanon would be ideal for TRT, but they just dont seem to make any in the states. All the esters release at different times and would allow for once a week IM pinning. Its the best blend for trt, in my opinion.
  16. bigrobbie

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    I've always suspected that the different esters would be beneficial in TRT. Thanks for the confirmation I'll let you know how things play out...
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    Alright guys, just happened to find this sticky thread:

    The Basics of Ordering Bloodwork

    But I can't figure out if they send you to a lab in your area and have samples sent to them or exactly how this works...
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  19. murray312

    murray312 Member unless you're in one of the few shitty states that made private blood work illegal
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    Sustanon is shit for TRT, that's why it's not being used anymore.

    If you want a proper TRT protocol, regardless if you want kids or not, do as I advised.