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  1. What is the best way to turn my btc into cash?

    If anyone wants to purchase some, let me know...
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    Into paper cash? A bitcoin atm.
    Into a bank account? Hook a bank account up in CashApp or an exchange like coinbase.
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    You still got bitcoin for sale if so pm me brother
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    Yes. The big news is that feds seem to consider mixing a crime --> Grams Helix - Bitcoin's Most Popular Mixing Service Has Closed
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    A large centralized service like Grams Helix is gonna be a target. It's always best to have thousands of services that handle small amounts to overwork our feds. As for this poor sap that got caught, he should have been operating overseas in a bunker with armed guards, you can't mess with this stuff in the land of the free.
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    The halving is coming soon for btc and if you can afford to hang onto what you have, it could potentially turn into a lot of money in the next 6-12 months.
  8. When is this halving goin down? Ive bn told this for a while now lol
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    The halving takes place next month.
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    In about 16 days. But if past performance is an indicator, the value won't peak for a year or so, then go back down and stable out a bit. Guys who really follow this have made predictions from it going up north of 20k to John McAfee saying he believes it will reach a million or even 2 million. Some guy who works with Warren Buffett recently predicted it would hit 300k sometime after the halving. Time will tell, but a small investment in them now could potentially turn into a lot of money in the not too distant future if these guys are right. Or just hold on to them for the long haul and who knows what they might be worth some day. I believe it will probably make quite a few millionaires in the next few years. Hopefully the good sources don't decide to retire if they become millionaires from all the coins they collect. LOL
  11. Yes but the halving price is already factored in, it’s not new news. Long term supply and demand maybe but there’s not gonna be a huge spike or anything
  12. May 11th
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    If you look at the history of when the halving takes place, it hasn't been immediately that they increased in value. There's no guarantee and they are volatile but with the current state of affairs, you may see more rich folks hedging their bets and starting to invest in them. Time will tell. I surely wish I bought a bunch when they were cheap. And if you can afford to buy a few hundred or a thousand dollars or whatever, it has potential to go a lot higher if you hold onto them for a bit. Has the potential to lose money too but I think it's going to go pretty high in the next year or so, IMHO.
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    If you had gotten in back in 2015 then you stood to make a lot of money. I don't think the halving will have as much of effect this time around. There might be a short term spike and that would be sweet, but you gotta pay attention these candles happen quick and disappear just as fast.

    If you bought at say $7500 and it spikes to $20,000, most of us aren't gonna make much because I never put more than $1000 into btc, like everyone on here I prefer to buy btc and buy my product within minutes to avoid losing value and then I liquidate the btc back to cash again, all of this is done in less than an hour. I doubt any of us on here are investors in btc, we use because we have to use it.
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  15. The charts show after a year of the halving is when you see the most growth yes
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    Since the 25th of last month (10 or 11 days ago) when I made my first post in this thread, Bitcoin has went up almost $2000... we're now just over 5 days away from the halving. Time will tell, but I believe the value on these will be way up by this time next year. Screenshot_20200506-064649.png