Semen volume on trt for life?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Amanofgod, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Amanofgod

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    been feeling gross for awhile come to find out I have low t no morning erections! My doctor wants me on trt my semen volume has always been huge I take a whole bunch of supps for volume! Will try decrease my semen volume?
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    If you take shit to produce more jism, just to flush it down the shower drain or crust up a sock, you've got bigger issues than just low Test.

    Why the hell are all you guys so hung up on this shit? If you're not shooting porn, what the fuck k does it matter how much you blast into a rubber or onto her ass?

    Embrace the easy clean-up, you dipshits.
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    Just answer the question
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    The ultimate showdown is about to begin....

    "Now entering the ring, he has a flacid pecker, low semen volume, and dreams of shooting loads like Peter North, ladies and gentleman, MAN OF GOD!!!

    And now entering the ring, he has a record of 20 women, 689 men, and getting fucked by 3 tranny pornstars....LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, TRANSGENDERS, TRANSVESTITES, INTRODUCING LLLLEEEEEEOOOO.....T....CCCCEEEEE!!!"

    "Aright fellaz, touch gloves, keep it safe, and don't get fucking AIDS!!
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    Not really interested, guy's either a troll or legit stupid enough to care how big a load he blows.

    Not really worth any more time.
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    My hero
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    I really care about shooting far! Just answer question I’m not trolling
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    You can’t really increase it while on cycle, as far as I know. I posted a thread called “Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase” but realized after taking all the supplements that it did NOTHING for me, because I’m on cycle.
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    Lol AgedReasonableInsect-small.gif
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    your shits been answered.

    And there's already a thread. As far as how far you shoot, it has nothing to do with volume.

    Do some fucking kegals and find a hobby, bro.
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    TRT actually increased my volume by an average 30-50ml per ejaculation, so I think you'll be okay.
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    Just smack yourself on the bottom when you cum. Just like a Heinz ketchup bottle. Trt didnt seem to bother my ejaculate but I never measured it.
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    Can you post a pic of measurements. For research only. Thanks :)
  19. Yea I have a hard time believing those numbers as the typical male has about ~4ml ejaculate, range .1ml-10ml. 50ml is like 10 teaspoons.
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    50ml is like 5 vials of gear!I was only having way am i shooting 30-50ml!
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