Semen volume on trt for life?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Amanofgod, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Amanofgod

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    Wait a minute so did it or did it not increase semen volume like I said I shoot ropes and would never wanna loose it?
  2. Mine decreased. Though i highly doubt anyone other than myself has even noticed.
  3. Amanofgod

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    Do you take hcg? Are you on load supps?
  4. None of the above. Test at 200 mg/wk.
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  5. Amanofgod

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    Alright gives me hope need more experiences
  6. Ah didn’t catch that joke, but yea that would be a freakish amount lol
  7. Amanofgod

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    Now the question is did his semen really increase
  8. Maybe, if his T level was in double digits then sure it’s possible. Generally I’d think it would be no change to decrease.
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    Let me go ahead and crush your hopes. You can piss away money on all the supplements in the world.

    They're all as legit as the pills that make your dick bigger. All you can fucking do I say drink more water.

    That's it.

    Test impacts sperm production. Semen is less than 10% sperm.

    Nothing will legitimately magically make you produce more.
  10. T-Bagger

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    Other than an enlarged prostate, if I’m not mistaken. And who wants that, just to blow bigger loads?
  11. That would probably make things worse, prostate contributes 27-30% of semen volume. Enlarged might cut off the seminal vesicles’ contribution, which is ~70%
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    So maybe not an enlarged prostate, just a huge one.
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