sending cash for domestics only?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by realhugo, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. realhugo

    realhugo Junior Member

    anyone ever heard of a source accepting cash and order forms for payment? i mean in terms of anonymity this has to take the cake but sending cash in an envelope seems a bit risky. no electronic trail of sending money or proof of order. guess it comes down to trusting not to be scammed, but no different than getting burned via WU or MG. once they pickup the money they can easily not send goods just the same. thoughts?
  2. TheNurz

    TheNurz Junior Member

    Just my two cents, i don't trust anyone handling an envelope full of cash. As far as anonymity it seems good, but it is kind of a high risk way of handling things.
  3. GigaloRob

    GigaloRob Member

    Cash in mail has been used for quite a long time. If you are comfortable and trust your source then it's really the safest way to go. It's all up to your individual comfort level with the source.
  4. heady muscle

    heady muscle Member Supporter

    I use CIM with a couple of trustworthy sources. It's the safest and most undetectable way to go. If a source is going to screw you, their going to screw no matter how they get your money.
  5. Bob Dole

    Bob Dole Member Supporter

    I wouldn't do it, but it does seem many UGL's do offer it.
  6. realhugo

    realhugo Junior Member

    makes perfect sense. no difference if you mail cash or send a WU or MG payment. if theyre gonna scam you theres no way around it.

    ill see how goes. no mimimum order either.
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  7. heady muscle

    heady muscle Member Supporter

    Do you know others that have used this src? Or are you on your own with this?
  8. realhugo

    realhugo Junior Member

    its good friend of mine, local guy from my gym. i figure hell why not. ill get some blood too in a month or two
  9. realhugo

    realhugo Junior Member

    clarify: good friend uses the source, i dont know the source. thats why was wondering if others have used CIM for payment.
  10. I use CIM for my source now. Send him a nice birthday card with a couple of Benjamin's.
  11. MythotiK

    MythotiK Member Supporter

    I use priority envelope, bday and holiday cards get snatched by postal carriers :(
  12. lottalead

    lottalead Junior Member

    i have done in the past but was someone i placed several orders with
  13. ironwill1951

    ironwill1951 Member

    I have done it for 20 yrs , I send priority I put a magazine in the envelope with the cash inside,
  14. jbeg1985

    jbeg1985 Member Supporter

    My wife had a friend of hers who was a post man, a couple months ago we saw him on the news getting put in the back of the crown vic. Turns out he had stole over 20k in bday cards, gift cards, coupons. Crazy shit, so yea even if i were to mail my grandmal a gift card im sending it in bubble wrapped letter.
  15. heady muscle

    heady muscle Member Supporter

    I'm confused. I thought you said you had to send the cash through the mail. To a local guy?!? Okay, help me out here.
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  16. realhugo

    realhugo Junior Member

    i clarified in the follow up beneath that because it sounded complicated. a local guy gave me the source. the source is not the local guy lol
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  17. heady muscle

    heady muscle Member Supporter

    I can be slow at times.
  18. fastasf

    fastasf Member

    This is the way to do it.
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  19. lottalead

    lottalead Junior Member

    i did it with cardboard and just wrote --photos do not bend
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  20. Big_paul

    Big_paul Member Supporter

    Cash in the mail is easy. No hassle at WU or MG. No bitcoin hassle.

    Sources who do take cash only do that for trusted customers as far as I know. It could be a start up. If you know others who have used that source before and have good experiences, that's different.

    I have never lost money sending cash. Tested and reliable sources only. Then consider yourself fortunate that you have a source who accepts cash.
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