Sending money WU without ID

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    Years ago (10) I was able to send money WU without an ID. 300$ here and there. Is this still the case? I went to my local drug store ant hey had a WU screen but it asked for phone number, ID number basically everything... total bizarre. The WU no ID I used to do was from counter places... check cashing stores etc. Is it still the case? I called a couple of check cashing stores asking them what the limit was to send money without ID and they treated me like I was a space alien. They couldn't give the info over the phone, didn't know etc etc... does anyone send a few hundo USD without ID thru WU or moneygram these days?
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    Is this because it is inconvenient compared to crypto? Or is it just not possible anymore?
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    Crypto is so easy, chk out cash app. You can easily buy btc on there after verification.
  5. i could be incorrect, but i would hazard a guess that because WU and MG have been abused my those laundering money, proof of identity has become standard practice.

    BTC has become the preferred method of payment, but you're still required to give up sensitive information if you purchase from an exchange such as Coinbase or Cash App.
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    I think you meant the T word.
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    Yeah you need your ID on cash app to buy the bitcoin, but all you need to do it transfer it to another wallet that don’t intend to buy bitcoin and then you don’t need ID for the actual transaction.
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    I've noticed bitcoin ATMs also ask for ID as well before accepting the cash deposit.

    As for MG/WU ID is indeed required for ANY amount at the locations I've inquired at near me. Drug stores tend to be real dicks about it in my experience.
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    You need to show ID to send money through WU now, it's changed from what it once was
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    Yes, thanks to the government crackdowns on money laundering and terrorism.
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    WU lost a class action suit a few years back and was forced to refund $586 million lost to online scammers. Western Union Refunds
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    That is now why WU/MG ask customers sending money are they sending it to someone they do not know for example.