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    Hey guys, I have acquired some sermorelin, however not sure how to reconstitute it. The information I found is that salt solution is used for it. Can I just use sterile water or should I just add table salt to the water and filter it through .45 pore filter. Any advice is welcome t:confused:hanks.
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    Lol, how was it? How long and did you use it for notice anything from it?
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    I just had 4 x 5mg vials,I also tried a bit of peg mgf{2 x 2mg} and have a couple of igf1 that I have'nt used yet.
    I did'nt notice a lot with the GHRP6 just felt a bit tired for a few hours after taking it,and sleeping a bit better.
    It would surely need to be run for a year to give it a fair go,but this stuff is cheap now!
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    Wow I learn something new everyday. I have admitted in the past that I know a lot about various AAS, both the oral and injectables, some of the gray area prohormones others but I know very little about peptide hormones and other substances in the PED arena.

    I didn't know you could reconstitute ghrp-6 with B-12. I know the AA method is popular and supposedly extend the life of peptide hormones but I don't think I ever heard about b-12 reconstitution.

    So how was it? Does the peptide have the same life span with B-12 as it does with bacteriostatic water or longer? I know that GHRP-2, GHRP-6, and others are usually used up pretty fast but any insight for the uninformed such as myself would be greatly appreciated.