Serostim vs The Black Tops

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  1. Di5turb3d

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    Ive been able to pick up legit serostim kits for $300 piece from a friend of mine, but know lots of people love the black tops.

    At $200 for black tops and 150ius against 150iu serostim kits for $300, is it dumb of me to consider the black tops?

    Only tried 2 months of each and I couldn’t tell any difference so wanted to get everyone’s opinions!

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    If I could get seros for 300 I wouldn't mess with any generics. The cheapest I have been able to get them is 500, and he is out of the business. I see them now for 500-900, and for that price I will go with generics.
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  3. MFMC

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    In your case--- IF truly LEGIT Seros--- no reason to even consider generics at that price.
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  4. ironwill1951

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    seros are 126 iu kits if yours are 150 iu kits. they are not real.
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  5. Eman

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    If they are real... I'd buy those seros kits 5 at a time and resell them at a 100% markup.
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  6. brutus79

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    Buy 500 sero kits at 300 ea
    Sell them for 500 ea
    Buy a new s550
    Drive it slow through 18 and over club parking lots
    Ball so hard.
  7. Di5turb3d

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    F0FD18B2-F503-4886-9F43-29356931085C.jpeg 3F49D5B1-2538-494E-8F13-8319E1D3EEAD.jpeg C3E8A91E-B20B-44E0-A7AF-5729E71FCB34.jpeg A88D3ABA-DD75-4BCF-B0DD-68F61407753C.jpeg FBFC119D-098D-4ACA-A79E-1D166B66B551.jpeg 8D5E97DB-E2A8-47CC-84EC-58EC8AA289F1.jpeg 7CAAB913-166D-4864-83F9-DA0C64DB2EF3.jpeg
    I don’t know exactly, here they are
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    @biggerben69 would definitely know. I don't think their is anything about seros he doesn't
  9. movingiron88

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  10. biggerben69

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    Thank you for the Tag, partner. I haven't gotten a report as of yet in regards to the op's ip addy. When I'm provided with unsolicited info like that I have no interest in members ID/Name. I do find interesting what exactly is showing up as well as where.
    As @movingiron88 suggested, utilize the tools available to you. EMD Serono is the owner of the free downloadable APP, "Check My Meds". The APP will authenticate several products manufactured by a Swiss company that births Serostim in the Commonwealth of Mass..
    You didn't show the end that has the square that contains info that you will scan with your smart phone.
    In my 13 years of what has to be considered an intimate relationship with these kits, I have yet to come across a counterfeit Serostim kit.
    My good friend geo has upwards of 50 or so kits pass through his hands. That # has fluctuated over the years and the # I posted is current. I've seen many up close.
    In certain parts of the Country, I'm in the Desert of Southern Cali. There are so many kits around that fake kits aren't necessary.
    Has the OP seen the script holder. He has to have HIV in order to have a legit script of Seros.
    I've only seen two or three 4mg and 5mg kits in the last 13yrs. Its all 6mg 126iu kits. The 5mg kits have a total of 105iu's with the 4mg kit that is prescribed for a multi vial injection protocol. It makes use of bacteriostatic water in place of the sterile water in the other two kits. Reconstituted Serostim will not degrade at the same rate when bac water is used over sterile water.
    If I was going to counterfeit a Serostim kit it would be the 4mg or 5mg jobber. So few around compared to the 6mg kit in my neck of the woods.
    I'll include a pic of the square that is scanned with the APP.
    I can make out the Invisible "M" in the upper right hand corner of the front of the box. That's good news.
    $300 is good. Back in 2005 the 6mg 126iu kit was understood to be $250. Today $350 to $400 is the average for the 6mg kit. At the rate you're paying for the 5mg kit($300) the 6mg kit would run you $360. The lower end of my average. Congrats.

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  11. ironwill1951

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    thanks for the information.
  12. Giveitago

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    Damn. Dropping some Seros knowledge. Good info, thanks!
  13. CJames

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    Pharma grade always wins even roids
  14. CJames

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    Is Serostim the best one out there? I though Genotropin is the king.
  15. Di5turb3d

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    This is the part of the box where it’s all ripped off due to a sticker that was over it. I can barely make out the corner of a QR code that was torn off with the sticker.

    My acquaintance does have HIV and has shown me several photos of his original script and HIV test (again these can all be faked too).

    I’ll be getting a 6mg kit this next week also. I’m excited so far that it seems legit.

    Also thank you so much for the wealth of knowledge.

    Do you have any advise in its dosing? At what IUs and how long before any specific results are shown? Anything I should be careful of?

    I’ve been running 3iu split 5 days on 2 days off for 2 months now.
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  16. biggerben69

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    I don't know what sticker would be there? Special care should be taken and the specialty pharmacies are instructed to leave the anti counterfeit things in place.
    Now, I have known guys to scrape the square off so it can't be used to identify the script holder. I can understand guys trying to protect their script and not wanting to get their script to get cut off. However, the vials themselves have enough identifying markings on them to trace them back to the script holder.
    If your friend has HIV and you wanted to be sure he is getting a script you could ask him how he came to get the script. There is a checklist that patients have to meet in order to qualify.
    I don't think its reasonable to assume that your friend would go through finding a place to make the counterfeits and then scour the internet to find a template to make a phony script.
    The way counterfeits are made is, when possible, a real kit would be sent so it could be made as close to the real thing as possible. If that isn't possible a picture is sent...lots of HD pics. I don't see a regular guy going through all that. A person who is a professional criminal, yes.
    The question was asked about what is the best US Pharm grade gh. Its subjective. The reason Serostim is most often seen here in the USA and on the Black Market is because the FDA, in all its infinite wisdom, made Serostim the only gh that is to be prescribed to treat the wasting syndrome associated with HIV/AIDS. The insert only speaks to treating HIV patients. The kits are given to patients each month or every 3 months.
    Many hiv patients are also on SSI/Disabilty which doesn't make them well to do. Fixed incomes all over my area are padded by selling Serostim kits and other HIV meds. The gay Community is like any other Community. Drug addiction, in particular, methamphetamine addiction is a big problem in the gay Community. Guys sell their meds to feed that addiction.
    Every other gh is designated for a certain disease or affliction. The chances of the parents of a child prescribed gh hopefully aren't as likely to sell their kids script out from under them. Diversion happens, to a degree, I'm sure. But not on the scale that Serostim is sold to those looking for a physical and cosmetic advantage.
    I don't know how many iu's of gh are given a child short in stature or a burn victim or any of the other things treated with gh. I do know that here in So Cali, guys with HIV that are prescribed Serostim they are receiving up to 18iu's 28 days out of every month. That's a big dose.
  17. biggerben69

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    As far as dosing goes. I've been running 4iu's taking in one shot before bed and taken subcutaneously. Some guys split whatever dose they take 2 and even 3 times a day. Some will take the inj IM after a workout and subcut the other times.
    The hardcore are known to take their gh IV. The reasoning is more will circulate in the bloodstream and for a longer duration this way.
    Its agreed upon by most that 4iu's ed and up to 6iu's is for fat burning and anti aging/wellness. To build muscle that can be attributed to gh its said that guys have to get up to a minimum of 8iu's and better yet 12iu's and beyond. Side effects are more pronounced when more iu's are taken.
  18. rpbb

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    always amazed at the dosage the hiv patients run.
  19. brutus79

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    X 2

    One shot before bed has always had the more noticeable effect regardless of dose.
  20. fodsod

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    I've run 18 ius (1 vial in the 6 mg kits) of Serostim EOD at night taken all at once in the past during show prep. I was using 9uis ED but the sides were terrible.

    Doing 18 EOD reduced the sides quite a bit. The fat burning was truly amazing. I did zero cardio for the entire 16 weeks prep and came in below 5% bf. My blood sugars went totally out of whack though and at 9ius ED my feet swelled so bad I almost couldn't wear shoes.

    This was many many years ago before the internet is what it is today so reliable information was scarce. I just went by "feel" and used my best judgement which wasn't great in hindsight but it makes for a good story.
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